Dark Green Aventurine - Purifying the Physical Body

Dark Green Aventurine initiates a deep purification of the physical body, especially the vital organs. Aventurine energy permeates the body and then focuses on your most distressed organ, filling it with healing energy and encouraging it to release its accumulated disharmony. Once this organ has been uplifted, your next most distressed organ receives Aventurine's attention. Thus, organ by organ, Aventurine helps heal and purify your entire body.


Indications for Wearing a
Therapeutic Dark Green Aventurine Necklace

When one or more of the following apply—

You are experiencing illness or distress anywhere in the body, particularly in one or more organs.

You want to—


Strengthen or improve the health of your weakest or least healthy organ


Increase your overall physical health, harmony, and vitality


Promote the release of certain toxins or disharmonious energies


You have a history of—


Intensive drug use, prescription or otherwise


Exposure to toxic chemicals



See Light Green Aventurine as an alternative to Dark Green Aventurine.


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Dark Green Aventurine  Therapies

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Benefits of Wearing a Therapeutic Dark Green Aventurine Necklace

Dark Green Aventurine initiates a deep purification of your physical body, especially its vital organs. It purifies and uplifts the organ that is weakest and has the most limitations.

The Earth produces two basic varieties of green Aventurine: Light Green and Dark Green. The light green variety displays few or no dark green flecks in a light green base. The dark green variety is actually Light Green Aventurine so infused with dark green flecks that it appears dark green. Therefore, the light green variety that contains no flecks radiates one type of energy, and the dark green variety offers two: the light green energy and the energy of the flecks.

Both the light and dark green energies focus their effects on organs. The light green energy uplifts and strengthens an organ by encouraging its healthiest cells to distribute their vitality throughout the organ. The dark green flecks expel the organ's low and disharmonious energies.

Of the two types of Aventurine, Dark Green Aventurine works most deeplyin part, because Dark Green Aventurine offers the effects of both the light and dark green vibrations. Nonetheless, when you wear a Dark Green Aventurine necklace, its primary effects are those of its dark green vibrationthat is, it expels the organ's low and disharmonious energies. Dark Green Aventurine not only drives out an organ's disharmony and disease, it strengthens the organ. In Dark Green Aventurine, the light green component takes on a supporting role: it helps vitalize the organ, enabling it to more easily throw off the disharmony being expelled by the dark green vibration.

When you wear either Dark or Light Green Aventurine spheres around your neck, the Aventurine's energy fills your aura and enters the physical body through your breath. As with anything inhaled, the Aventurine energy first enters your lungs, then your blood stream, and then every cell in your body. This is how the whole body becomes introduced to Aventurine energy. As the particles of Aventurine energy are distributed to every cell in the body, they maintain communication with each other. When enough Aventurine energy has permeated your body, it detects the organ with the most disharmony. Then, all the Aventurine energy already in your body, plus any more that is breathed in, surrounds and begins to enter that organ.

Every organ, even a diseased one, has areas that are healthier than others. It is in these healthier areas that Aventurine's energy first establishes itself. Once Aventurine energy gains a foothold in the organ, it makes room for more of itself to enter by expelling disharmonious energies from the organ. Then it gradually distributes itself as evenly as possible throughout the organ. As more and more Aventurine energy enters the organ, it forces out disease and disharmony while uplifting and strengthening the organ.

With both types of Aventurine, when the target organ is no longer the most disharmonious in the body, the Aventurine energy slowly leaves the organ. Then it finds the next organ with the greatest degree of disharmony and begins to work there. The Aventurine continues this process for as long as you wear it. If you wear Aventurine long enough, it's possible that it will treat every organ, including the organ it originally targeted. The longer you wear Dark Green Aventurine, the stronger and healthier your organs will become. Naturally, this will lead to a strengthening of your entire body.

Dark Green Aventurine can help those who aspire to greater spirituality and yet are unable to keep their attention on Spirit because their awareness is continually drawn to the body's disharmony, pain, or distress. As Aventurine helps your body work through a condition and lifts some of its burden, you will find it easier to expand your awareness to include other areas of life. With this opening of awareness, you may come to terms with the reasons for your ailments and more easily learn the life lessons associated with them.

Contraindication: Drugs and Dark Green Aventurine

Dark Green Aventurine should never be worn by or placed on the body of someone who is taking toxic drugs as part of another therapy, such as in chemotherapy. If the Aventurine is targeting an organ with drug residues, the Aventurine may recognize these residues as disharmonious and work to loosen and dispel them from the organ. If the organ has been accumulating drugs for years, a potentially serious situation may arise. When the Aventurine starts moving these drugs and their energies out of the organ and into the body, they will start circulating there, and the body may not be able to handle the influx and remove them. For people who wish to enjoy the benefits of Aventurine but who are taking toxic drugs or who have a history of taking them, it is best to wear Light Green Aventurine for some time before using Dark Green Aventurine.

Deep Breathing

When an organ is surrounded by Aventurine energy, it recognizes that a change is about to occur and that it will no longer be able to hold onto its disease. Physical matter often resists change, and anything that is diseased is especially resistant to the healing energy of Aventurine. A disease is also like a living entity. It knows that the presence of Aventurine energy is the beginning of its demise, so naturally it will want to push the energy awayand will do so with all its might.

You can help the Aventurine energy enter the target organ by breathing deeply. Deep breaths bring more oxygen to the organ. The Aventurine energy latches onto the oxygen molecules and rides them into the organ. In this way, deep breathing increases the amount of Aventurine energy entering the body. Therefore, when you wear Aventurine, it is advisable to periodically breathe deeply for a minute or two. People with serious organ conditions should breathe deeply as often as possible. When deep breathing, care should be taken not to hyperventilate.

Deep breathing will be most effective when your aura is saturated with Dark Green Aventurine energy. If you are wearing a therapeutic necklace of 10-mm spheres, your aura will probably become saturated within fifteen minutes. It may take up to forty-five minutes if you are wearing 8-mm spheres.


Young children should generally not wear an Aventurine necklace made of larger than 6-mm spheres, unless the child has a serious condition or the necklace is being used to ease a temporary condition.


Both Dark and Light Green Aventurine can assist all forms of life, including animals. A collar of Aventurine is a wonderful gift for a dog or cat who is unwell or whose health you wish to fortify.

Powerful Partners: Dark Green Aventurine and Emerald

Anyone with a physical disease, especially one involving an organ, can benefit greatly by wearing the strongest combination of physically healing gemstones yet known: Dark Green Aventurine in one necklace and Emerald in another. When working on healing a physical condition, Emerald and Aventurine are indispensable. Indeed, if all you had were a solid necklace of Emerald and a solid necklace of Dark Green Aventurine, your gemstone "tool box" for physical-body healing would be nearly complete.

Emerald carries the green color ray. The green ray raises the vibrations of the physical body and provides it with powerful nourishment, vitality, and healing. Often those in pain resist the influx of Emerald's green ray nourishment. By focusing on their discomfort and tightening up against the pain, they inadvertently resist the entrance of the green ray. Wearing a Dark Green Aventurine necklace along with Emerald encourages the body to relax and open itself to the green ray's healing vibration.

When you wear Dark Green Aventurine alone, it expels disharmony from your weakest organ. A small amount of this disharmony is neutralized by the Aventurine's own light green vibration. It is then up to your body to eliminate the rest—that is, unless you also wear a necklace of Emerald. The Aventurine focuses the Emerald's green ray on the organ. The green ray not only uplifts the organ; it also neutralizes much of the disharmony expelled by the Aventurine. In this way, Emerald relieves your body of the burden of eliminating much of this disharmony. To support the expulsion of disharmony from your body, you can also perform other therapies that boost your overall vitality and support your organs of elimination.

Because Dark Green Aventurine and Emerald work so powerfully together, people with seriously diseased organs are strongly advised to wear them together. Ideal would be a necklace of therapeutic Dark Green Aventurine spheres and another necklace of therapeutic Emerald. One should continue to wear them both, even if it appears that a healing has taken place. Once the energy of a disease has entered the body, it often lingers—sometimes for an entire lifetime—after the disease's physical manifestation has been cleared.

Time Guidelines

The time it takes for Dark Green Aventurine to complete its work depends on the size and quality of the Aventurine being worn. It also depends on the degree of toxicity in the target organ and the overall level of toxicity in the body.

To illustrate the time it takes for Aventurine to do its work, we can place an organ's disease or the degree of toxicity on a scale of zero to five: zero indicates perfect health, and five indicates a level of toxicity so great that virtually no life is left in the organ. We will also assume that therapeutic, exquisite-quality 10-mm Dark Green Aventurine spheres are being worn.

People whose conditions register one on this scale should wear Dark Green Aventurine continually for one or two months. Individuals in this category include those who are relatively healthy but who have aches and pains or organs that are not as strong as they would like them to be. If Emerald is also worn, the time required can be considerably reduced.

Those with conditions registering two may need to wear Dark Green Aventurine continuously for six months. Those with conditions registering three may need to wear the Aventurine for a year or more. If worn with Emerald, both of these times can be cut in half.

Those whose conditions register four and five must have very toxic bodies for their organs to possess such a low degree of life force. These individuals will need to wear Aventurine continually for at least three to five years. Again, the use of Emerald will greatly reduce this time requirement. Unfortunately, a body that is this toxic may not live that long unless it is supported by other therapies. These could include other gemstone therapies.

Therapeutic Quality Dark Green Aventurine

To experience its true therapeutic effects, only certain qualities of Aventurine should be used. Again, therapeutic Dark Green Aventurine is composed of dark green flecks in a light green base. Its appearance varies, depending on the character of its light green base, the abundance and distribution of its dark green flecks, and the way these elements interact. The more translucent the Aventurine and the finer its color, the greater are its therapeutic effects. The overall color of the finest Dark Green Aventurine is rich forest-green.

To evaluate Aventurine for therapeutic quality, it must be examined under a microscope. This is required to determine whether the Aventurine has the proper ratio of light and dark green elements. This also ensures that the dark green flecks are not loose clouds or streaks but appear as solid, discrete, fully matured capsules suspended throughout the light green base. Any Aventurine that is muddy-looking or that displays other colors should be avoided.

Evaluating Dark Green Aventurine for therapeutic quality is so complex, that it is necessary to have viewed hundreds of specimens before one can confidently classify a sphere as therapeutic in quality.

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