Leopardskin Jasper - Attracting Beneficial Influences

Leopardskin Jasper helps draw into your life whatever you need for physical healing. By magnetically charging the areas of your aura that reflect your true needs, Leopardskin Jasper helps you attract whatever is required to fulfill them. If worn long enough, it will strengthen and fine-tune your body's overall regulatory mechanism, increasing your personal magnetism and individuality. Leopardskin Jasper also assists people who constantly invite disharmony into their lives by helping them to attract forces of harmony and to repel forces of disharmony.


Indications for Wearing a
Therapeutic Leopardskin Jasper Necklace

When one or more of the following apply—

You are experiencing—


An unwanted physical condition


Regular attraction of disharmony into your life

You want to—


Attract whatever your physical body needs to improve its health


Repel unhealthy influences


Strengthen your individuality and personal magnetism


Strengthen or support the health of your body's regulatory functions


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Leopardskin Jasper Color and Sphere Sizes

Because the color of natural, therapeutic-quality Leopardskin Jasper varies widely, the color shown in the photograph above may not represent our current stock. Click here for more information about Leopardskin Jasper color and therapeutic quality.

Please also note that the necklace with graduated spheres shown in the photograph is currently unavailable. All available Leopardskin Jasper necklaces are made with all 6-mm spheres, all 8-mm spheres, or all 10-mm spheres.

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Gemisphere- Leopardskin Jasper Inventory for Include
24" / 61 cm $85
26" / 66 cm $89
25" / 64 cm $129
27" / 69 cm $139
30" / 76 cm $155
25" / 64 cm $165
27" / 69 cm $179
30" / 76 cm $195
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Inventory Updated Date

Gemstone Inventory last updated 5/17/2017

Benefits of Wearing a Therapeutic Leopardskin Jasper Necklace

Leopardskin Jasper helps draw into your life whatever you need for physical healing. When Leopardskin Jasper spheres encircle your neck, the spheres' energy flows into your aura, where it captures information about you. This information then rides on the return flow of Leopardskin Jasper energy back to the spheres around your neck. In this way, the Leopardskin Jasper learns your needs.

Once Leopardskin Jasper has learned your requirements for physical healing, it charges the areas in your aura that reflect these needs. This charge helps attract whatever is needed to fulfill those needs. Do not be surprised at what Leopardskin Jasper might help draw to you. It might be a physician, certain foods or medicines, or a book on a new healing method. All these things are patterns of energetic frequencies. Medicines, herbs, fresh mountain air, and a trip to the beach are also distinct frequency patterns. Leopardskin Jasper does not distinguish between energies and the physical forms they take.

However, Leopardskin Jasper does discriminate between true and artificial needs. An example of an artificial need is a child's "need" to have ice cream for dessert, while his true need might be for an apple. Leopardskin Jasper helps attract whatever will satisfy one's true needs, which are not necessarily the same as desires or wishes.

To sustain life, all living things must be regulated with extreme precision. Every part of a living organism depends on every other part. If one part suffers an imbalance, other parts will be affected. When Leopardskin Jasper is cut into spherical form, circular patterns appear on the spheres. The Leopardskin's energy emanates from these circles, which act somewhat like control knobs to help regulate the body's energies. When you wear Leopardskin Jasper around your neck, it brings greater balance and regulation to your physical body as a whole.

If you wear Leopardskin Jasper spheres long enough, your overall regulatory mechanism will improve and become more defined. As a result, your personal magnetism and individuality will increase. The definition of who you are will become more specific. As you become more self-defined, you will naturally repel individuals with dishonorable intentions. Just as Leopardskin Jasper can attract harmonious influences, it can also repel disharmonious ones. The longer Leopardskin Jasper is worn, the stronger the repelling force will be. It may take many months of continually wearing Leopardskin Jasper before this force becomes strong enough to repel people who don't have your best interests at heart.

Because of this effect, Leopardskin Jasper can assist people who constantly attract disharmony into their lives by helping them to attract sources of greater harmony and to repel the negative influences that create disharmony. Leopardskin Jasper will continue to work until the positive influences succeed in reversing this disharmonious tendency.

Directing Leopardskin Jasper's Work

Left to its own devices, Leopardskin Jasper focuses on the area of your body with the most rapidly declining health. If you wish, however, you can focus the Leopardskin Jasper's effects on a different issue of your own choosing. To do this, you can use your mental intention to direct the Leopardskin Jasper to the issue. You can also initiate other healing forces to direct the Leopardskin's focus there. For example, if you wear Leopardskin Jasper along with another therapeutic gemstone necklace, the Leopardskin will attract what the body needs to support the work of the other gemstone; or, if you take a remedy to address a particular issue, the Leopardskin Jasper will support the remedy's work.

How to Wear Leopardskin Jasper

It is particularly beneficial to wear a Leopardskin Jasper necklace so that it touches your skin, rather than over clothing.


Animals may experience even greater effects than human beings when they wear Leopardskin Jasper, because their minds won't interfere with its work. The minds of animals don't tell them that they need ice cream instead of apples.

Therapeutic Quality Leopardskin Jasper

Therapeutic-quality Leopardskin Jasper displays well-defined circular patterns that contrast sharply with the beads' background colors. The colors of both the circles and background can vary widely from necklace to necklace. Each Leopardskin Jasper necklace is unique and can include any combination of the following tones: beige, tan, yellow, orange, red, pink, brown, gray, or black. In low-quality Leopardskin Jasper, very few circles are apparent, and the overall color looks dull and washed out.

Nearly all the Leopardskin Jasper spheres available today are cut and drilled using petrochemicals, the residue of which can be often detected by a kerosene-like odor. Such Leopardskin Jasper is not therapeutic. When it is worn, the body braces itself against the energy of the chemicals and, in doing so, resists the energy of the Leopardskin Jasper itself. To be therapeutic, Leopardskin Jasper must be cut and shaped using only water.

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