Moonstone - Youthfulness

Moonstone promotes youthfulness by nourishing and strengthening your supraphysical aura. Through its fortifying effects on this aura, Moonstone strengthens your immune and lymphatic systems, boosts your body's energy supplies, and helps eliminate the unwanted effects of aging. Moonstone's lubricating energy helps increase flexibility and muscle strength, heal your skin, and prevent harmful DNA mutations. Because of the vital role the supraphysical aura plays in your health, if you had only one therapeutic gemstone to work with, Moonstone would be the gem of choice.

Two Varieties of Moonstone:
White Flash and Blue Flash

Gemisphere offers two varieties of therapeutic Moonstone: White Flash and Blue Flash. White Flash Moonstone gemstones display a shimmery white flash, or adularescence, and Blue Flash Moonstone displays blue adularescence. The missions and indications for wearing the two varieties are essentially the same, but Blue Flash Moonstone offers some additional benefits.

White Flash Moonstone

The photograph above depicts White Flash Moonstone. To learn about the benefits of wearing White Flash Moonstone, click here. To order a White Flash Moonstone necklace, see the ordering chart below, or call 800-727-8877 to speak with a Gemstone Advisor.

Blue Flash Moonstone

To see a photograph of Blue Flash Moonstone, read about the benefits of wearing it, and order a Blue Flash Moonstone necklace, click here.


Indications for Wearing a
Therapeutic Moonstone Necklace

When one or more of the following apply—

You are experiencing—


Unwanted effects of aging


Any illness or weakness


Chronic low energy


Unwanted condition of the lymphatic system


Symptoms of dehydration or loss of body fluid




Abnormal tissue growth on the skin or inside the body, such as fibroids and tumors


Joint stiffness


Chronic recurrence of an illness, including skin eruptions and other infections

You want to—


Promote youthfulness


Improve your overall health


Strengthen your immune system


Address a genetic predisposition to cancer


Correct or prevent mutations in your DNA


Boost your protection from others' negative thoughts and emotions


Improve hydration


Support the health of your lymphatic system and improve your ability to expel toxins


Build muscle strength


Establish a child's foundation for optimal health in the future


Improve your ability to perceive the energy of the body and the effects of gemstones


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Our Moonstone Necklaces

Our therapeutic Moonstone necklaces are made with Moonstone rondels that have been cut from high quality crystals. To ensure our Moonstone's superior therapeutic value, we obtain the gemstones in rough form and then have them cut to our unique specifications. Each Moonstone necklace is unique, and all are individually priced based on their total carat weight and quality.

For most gemstones, the therapeutic quality categories defined as Very Fine, Exquisite, Exquisite Plus, etc. suffice to describe the quality of the gems in a particular necklace. However, for a handful of gemstones, gradients of quality exist within each therapeutic quality category. Moonstone is one of these gemstones. This means that a particular Moonstone necklace may be somewhat higher or lower in quality than the other necklaces in the same category. These variations are reflected in the price per carat of each necklace.

Ordering Moonstone

The Online Ordering Chart below lists some of the therapeutic Moonstone necklaces we currently have in stock. Although we update this chart often, it's possible that the particular necklace you choose will have already been sold. If this happens, we will contact you to arrange for an alternative that matches your choice as closely as possible. If you are considering purchasing a Moonstone necklace but would like more assistance, our gifted and knowledgeable Gemstone Advisors can help you select the gemstones that are best for you and will gladly answer your questions. Simply call 1-800-727-8877 and ask to speak with one of our Gemstone Advisors.

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The White Flash Moonstone listed in the following Therapeutic Quality category is unique and extremely rare. In this translucent Moonstone, the size, intensity, brilliance, and visual movement of the flash are several times greater than that of the Moonstone in the categoriy(s) listed above. The more surface area the flash occupies, the more potent the gem is; thus, the effects of this Moonstone are exceptionally strong. The beads’ translucency carries the Moonstone’s energy into the subtle bodies, where it enhances Moonstone’s effects on the supraphysical aura described below. A hint of blue flash in some beads offers some benefits of Blue Flash Moonstone.

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Exquisite Plus Plus Plus Quality

inventory column header - Length, Carat Weight, Price Per Carat, Price, ID, Add
Length in./cm Carat Weight $ per Carat Price Id Code Add to Bag
Gemisphere- White Moonstone Inventory for Include
25" / 64 cm 102.27 carats 70 $7,158 #344
26" / 67 cm 99.11 carats 70 $6,937 #338
108.79 carats 70 $7,615 #362
27.5" / 70 cm 112.94 carats 70 $7,905 #366
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Inventory Updated Date

Gemstone Inventory last updated 5/17/2017

Benefits of Wearing a Therapeutic Moonstone Necklace

Moonstone energy nourishes and develops the supraphysical aura. Supporting your supraphysical aura may be the single most important thing you can do for your health. This aura is a layer of energy that immediately surrounds every cell and organ, as well as your physical body as a whole, and it performs many essential functions. Because of the vital role the supraphysical aura plays in maintaining good health, if you had but one therapeutic gemstone necklace to work with, Moonstone would be an excellent choice.

A healthy and substantial supraphysical aura offers many benefits. It contains an energetic counterpart of every cell and organ in your body and helps ensure that the body has sufficient energy during daily living and in times of special need. The supraphysical aura is also a crucial part of your immune defenses. It protects you from abnormal growths, such as tumors, by encouraging accurate DNA replication. It maintains your overall health by aiding communication and energy-sharing among organ systems. It supports all functions of your lymphatic system, including detoxification and lymphocyte production. And it protects your body's essential moisture. Without adequate supraphysical support, the body breaks down sooner, aging occurs more rapidly, and younger people can experience maladies usually reserved for the elderly.

Few adults today have a substantial, healthy, and well-defined supraphysical aura. In addition to the physical body's continual demands for supraphysical support, this aura becomes depleted by unhealthy habits, environmental stress, and the process of aging. The regular onslaught of environmental toxins, allergens, electromagnetic radiation, and negative energies also creates indentations, holes, and weaknesses in the supraphysical fabric.

Moonstone energy repairs damage to the supraphysical aura and replenishes it. When you wear a Moonstone necklace, its energy fills the supraphysical counterparts of your physical organs and improves every function of the supraphysical aura. Indeed, wearing Moonstone can help your supraphysical aura become the ultimate shield, mirror, and energy storehouse it is meant to be.

Development of the Supraphysical Aura

Your supraphysical aura is a collection of the life energy emitted during cell division. Each time a cell divides, a burst of electrical charge is released. This electrical charge vitalizes the young cells so they begin their life cycle with youthful vigor. Some of this electrical charge lingers outside the dividing cells. As cells continue to divide, this energy collects to form your supraphysical aura. When enough supraphysical fabric has accrued, it begins to exhibit specialized functions.

The most rapid cell division occurs during infancy, when the supraphysical aura is first forming. Over time, the rate of cell division slows, so that by adulthood it is sufficient only to sustain the supraphysical fabric. In older adults the substance of the supraphysical aura diminishes.

Restoring Youthfulness

Reversing Supraphysical Decline

One of the key factors in the decline we experience with age is the deterioration of the supraphysical aura. Aging cells do not emit enough electrical charge to replenish the supraphysical fabric, and so it deteriorates. The supraphysical aura begins to lose substance and shrink. Illness, injury, and the onslaught of negative energies further accelerate the decrease in electrical output and supraphysical degeneration.

Wearing Moonstone can stop and reverse this deterioration. By boosting the electrical charge emitted during cell division and rebuilding the supraphysical fabric, Moonstone can serve as a powerful tool to help correct many of the undesirable effects of aging. After wearing Moonstone for a while, you may find stiffness easing, joints becoming more mobile, and overall organ function improving.

Replenishing Moisture

The supraphysical aura not only contains energetic counterparts of organs and cells, but also of the body's water molecules. With age and injury, both the physical body and supraphysical aura lose moisture. Many ills are associated with this dehydration. Aging dries out the supraphysical aura as a whole, making it less efficient. In addition, injuries cause dryness in the area of the supraphysical aura that corresponds to the damaged physical area.

As the supraphysical aura dries out, all its functions suffer, and the physical body loses crucial support. Imagine a rough, dried out sponge rubbing against your skin. As your skin moves against the dry sponge, it's easy to see how it would get irritated and break down. This is similar to what happens as the supraphysical aura dries out and interacts with the physical body.

Moonstone energetically moistens the supraphysical aura. As your supraphysical fabric accepts Moonstone energy, this aura will expand and normalize, like water filling a dry sponge. All supraphysical functions will improve, as will the ability of your physical cells to accept moisture. With replenished moisture, many of the ill effects that the body experiences with aging will be reversed. Ailing or injured areas will be soothed and might even heal on their own. Other therapies applied to these areas will now be more effective. As a result, chronic conditions or stubborn recurrences of an acute ailment may also finally resolve.

Nourishing the Skin

Because your supraphysical aura immediately surrounds your body, it is in direct contact with your skin. When the supraphysical aura is imbued with Moonstone energy, it can convert oxygen from the atmosphere into a form that the skin can absorb and use directly. This additional oxygen will denature free radicals in your skin, rendering them less harmful and more easily expelled. As a result, wearing Moonstone can significantly improve the health of your skin.

For optimal health, your supraphysical aura and physical body must glide against each other smoothly and easily. When the body and its supraphysical aura press or rub against each other, energy doesn't flow between them properly. This irritates the affected area and can cause skin eruptions. Indeed, nearly every skin disease can be linked to a physical-supraphysical disturbance at the place where the skin has erupted. Unless the disturbance is cleared, any treatments applied to the skin are unlikely to make lasting changes.

Moonstone energy is like an emollient for the skin. Moonstone is especially helpful when the skin condition is associated with dryness. It also lifts supraphysical pressure from the afflicted area, freeing the skin to improve its health.

Lubricating the Physical-Supraphysical Connection

The ability of your supraphysical aura and physical body to glide against each other is necessary not only for the health of your skin but of your entire body. The more easily they glide against each other, the more effectively they work together. As Moonstone energy lubricates the connection between the supraphysical aura and physical body, energy and information are better able to pass between them.

Managing Precious Resources

Any time you ask something special of your body, your supraphysical aura helps make sure that energy moves to the parts of your body being challenged. Your organs need extra energy when they are stressed or sick, but energy is also apportioned in the natural course of living. If you lift a heavy object, energy is directed to your muscles; if you are solving a complex problem, it goes to your brain, and so on. Your supraphysical aura is the vehicle through which energy is moved from organs that have it to those that need it.

The supraphysical aura also acts as an energy storehouse for the physical body and shares its own energy with physical organs. If a physical organ becomes ill, its supraphysical counterpart supplies energy to promote the organ's healing. Yet, if this energy borrowing continues too long, it can deplete the supraphysical aura. As a result, your body will not have a ready supply of energy when it's needed. You may also experience chronic malaise or tissue that is slow to heal.

Wearing Moonstone builds up the fabric of the supraphysical counterpart of every organ, so your supraphysical aura can supply you with extra energy whenever you need it. Because Moonstone helps resolve supraphysical deficiencies, all your organs are less likely to become depleted, and your entire system can rise to the challenges it faces both in daily living and in times of illness.

Supporting Organ Communication

Another role of a healthy supraphysical aura is to help your organ systems communicate with each other and coordinate their activities. Accurate communication and coordination among organ systems is essential for the activities of daily living. For example, your muscles must work with your heart and lungs, your nervous system must continually interact with all parts of your body, and so on.

The supraphysical aura consists of many layers of overlapping folds of supraphysical fabric. Communication both between organ systems and among organs within the same system is enhanced along these folds. This communication is instantaneous and does not require hormones or neurochemicals.

In the course of living, these supraphysical folds naturally accumulate energy blockages, which hinder or shut down communication. The body is then forced to rely on hormones and neurochemicals instead, adding to the work of the endocrine and nervous systems. Moonstone energy clears blockages from the supraphysical folds. As a result, it helps clarify and speed up communication among organ systems, corrects communication breakdowns, and relieves stress from the endocrine and nervous systems. In this way, Moonstone helps your entire body run more smoothly and harmoniously.

Detoxification and the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is part of the body's internal cleansing mechanism and an important player in the immune system. Lymph clears bacteria, metabolic byproducts, and other waste from the tissues and filters them in the lymph nodes. The lymphatic system also produces lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell that acts upon infections.

The folds in the supraphysical aura have a special correlation to lymphatic tissue. When the folds accumulate energy blockages, they become less smooth, and the flow of lymph in the physical body is restricted. Moonstone stimulates the flow of lymph by eliminating the supraphysical blockages, smoothing the folds, and making the lymph a better lubricant and conductor. As a result, the lymphatic system works many times more efficiently.

By supporting the lymphatic system, Moonstone can boost your body's ability to fight infection. It can also ease the effects of lymphatic diseases, swollen glands, and any kind of lymphatic congestion that results in soreness, pain, or general malaise.

Building Muscle Strength

Moonstone increases your capacity to build strength. In fact, one of the first things you may notice when you wear Moonstone is that you feel stronger. There are several reasons for this. Moonstone's enhancement of communication among organ systems will allow your heart and lungs to work together more harmoniously during exercise. Also, Moonstone's support of detoxification via the lymph will allow your muscles to work longer without fatigue.

Once your supraphysical aura becomes saturated with Moonstone energy, this energy will remain behind for some time after you remove the necklace. It will continue to support you even when you aren't wearing the necklace, allowing you to temporarily remove the necklace during athletic activity, when it might otherwise get in your way.

The Benefits of Active Reflection

One of the most important functions of the supraphysical aura is active reflection. During active reflection, information is passed back and forth between the physical body and supraphysical aura. When the supraphysical aura is healthy, this reflection serves several functions: it helps keep the body attuned to what is happening within itself, and it strengthens the electrical charge of the dividing cells. Ideally, it also alerts the body to mistakes made during cell division, so that it can correct them before they escalate into major health problems.

Moonstone energy enhances active reflection. In this way, wearing Moonstone can build up your immune defenses and prevent abnormal growths.

Building Up Your Immune Defenses

A healthy supraphysical aura is a critical part of the immune system. It serves as an outer-perimeter line of defense by filtering and deflecting not only the energies of physical pathogens, but also those of negative emotions, thoughts, and psychic energies. To defend effectively, the supraphysical aura must consist of uniform, well-developed supraphysical fabric.

When Moonstone energy enhances active reflection, the supraphysical aura mirrors back to the cells their inherent electrical charge, however strong or weak it may be. As this reflection bounces back and forth, the cells' electrical charge is strengthened. When these cells divide, the charge they emit is naturally stronger. This strengthened charge fortifies and rebuilds your supraphysical substance. This is especially helpful if your supraphysical aura is depleted or damaged. By building up your supraphysical aura, Moonstone can help prevent illness, combat infection and disease, and give you added protection against negative energies.

Moonstone also helps your immune system correct its mistakes, such as those that occur in autoimmune conditions. Moonstone's enhancement of active reflection heightens your body's awareness of what's happening inside it. In the case of autoimmune disease, this reflection helps the body's intelligence identify healthy cells and understand how its immune cells are attacking them. The body is then in a much better position to correct the problem.

Preventing Abnormal Growths

Before a cell can divide, it must replicate its DNA so that each daughter cell contains genetic material identical to that of its parent cell. Before replication begins, the cell's double strand of DNA separates into two single strands. The nucleotides on each single strand then draw to themselves complementary nucleotides to form new double strands. Then the cell is ready to divide. Mistakes occur when nucleotides are unable to pair with their proper partners. Too many mistakes in this process cause mutations that can lead to the development of abnormal growths, such as tumors.

Correcting these mistakes is a natural function of a healthy supraphysical aura. When you wear Moonstone, this self-correction process is greatly enhanced. Moonstone energy collects around the nucleotides, aligning free nucleotides and heightening the reflective quality of those in the single strands. This helps the nucleotides more clearly identify and attract their proper partners. Then, each time a cell divides, the arrangement of its nucleotides is further corrected, until the DNA reaches a stable and healthy state. Thus, you can wear Moonstone to help prevent the unwanted mutations that lead to aberrant growths, including benign tumors, fibroids, skin tags, and cancer, especially if you are genetically predisposed to them.

Enhancing Your Perception of Energies

The shimmer characteristic of Moonstone's appearance is responsible for its ability to help the supraphysical aura and physical bodies reflect information to and from each other. The shimmer raises the vibration of the physical body just enough to make it more compatible with supraphysical vibrations. This also means that, by wearing Moonstone, you may be able to perceive the supraphysical vibratory field more easily. This includes the effects of gemstone energies on the aura and physical fabric.

Moonstone's Effects on the Emotional Body

Two types of emotions originate in the emotional body: consciously experienced feelings and subconscious impulses. These impulses operate in the background, like the autonomic nervous system, to keep your body in balance. They sedate you when you need to rest; they stimulate you to wake up; and they urge you to eat certain foods or take part in certain activities.

With long-term use of Moonstone, its energy will seep from your supraphysical aura into your emotional body, where its effects on these two types of emotions will grow over time. Wearing Moonstone will improve the quality of the subconscious impulses so they are more effective at guiding you to healthier, more productive actions. It will also have a lubricating effect on the flow of your emotions, so you are less likely to bottle them up.

Supraphysical Evolution and Moonstone's Unlimited Potential

Today we are subject to many forms of pollution that were unknown to our ancestors, such as heavy-metal toxins and electromagnetic radiation. Escalating toxicity in our environment is one factor driving the evolution of the physical body and supraphysical aura. The body has started to develop new ways to discharge the pollutants' energies into the supraphysical aura. The supraphysical aura is also evolving to meet these environmental challenges by growing in size and substance.

Moonstone not only repairs and nourishes the supraphysical aura, it also helps this aura evolve into the more advanced form it can ultimately become. Indeed, generations from now, the supraphysical aura will likely resemble the Moonstone-developed aura of today.

If you wear Moonstone over time, its effects will increase as your supraphysical aura develops. For example, your supraphysical fabric may eventually become strong enough to deflect harmful electromagnetic radiation. We are only beginning to see the potential of this gemstone's healing capacity.

How to Wear Moonstone

Moonstone is most effective when worn continually. To protect the longevity of the thread, at night you may prefer to take off the necklace and lay it within a foot of your body as you sleep.

If you remove the Moonstone during exercise, return it to your neck immediately afterward. Wear the Moonstone regularly between exercise sessions.

Begin by wearing a Moonstone necklace next to your skin. After you've worn it for a few weeks, your supraphysical aura will be accustomed to receiving Moonstone energy. Then the gemstone's effects will be about the same whether you wear it against your skin or on top of your clothing.

Rondel Shape

Moonstone is most effective for working in the supraphysical aura when worn in rondel form. The rondel shape is the most economical way to cut this gemstone without inhibiting its ability to radiate energy into the aura.

Rondel Size and Necklace Length

Select a Moonstone necklace that is light enough to wear all the time and thus give your supraphysical aura ongoing support. Necklaces made of four- to six-millimeter rondels can be worn most of the time by most people.

No Clasp

A Moonstone necklace should not contain a metal clasp, since metal interferes with Moonstone's energy.

Wearing Moonstone with Other Necklaces

Moonstone can be worn with other gemstone necklaces, but doing so will dilute its effects. The Moonstone's energy will support the other gemstone rather than focus exclusively on the unique benefits it offers to the supraphysical aura. Therefore, if you wish to focus your work with therapeutic gems primarily on the many benefits of Moonstone, wear it alone.


Caution: To prevent choking, do not allow babies or young children to wear any necklace.

For the first six weeks of life, when the supraphysical aura is forming, a baby relies on the supraphysical aura of his or her primary caregivers. These first six weeks are critical for laying a child's supraphysical foundation. If you are the parent or primary caregiver of an infant, wearing Moonstone while you are in close proximity to your baby will speed the development of the baby's supraphysical aura. The Moonstone energy from your aura will enhance and organize the electrical charges emitted during cell division in the baby's body. This will ensure an optimal foundation for your child's growing supraphysical aura.

Your toddler will also benefit from the Moonstone around your neck. As long as you remain physically close, the Moonstone energy in your aura will be picked up by your child and work equally well in his or her supraphysical aura. (Note that this effect occurs with very few gems; Yellow Sapphire is another. Usually, a gemstone necklace works only for the person wearing it.)

As a child matures, Moonstone energy can help orchestrate proper growth by filling in any holes or weak spots in his or her supraphysical aura. A well-developed supraphysical aura is essential to protect a child from harmful influences and to optimize health potential later in life. Children with well-developed supraphysical auras will be more self-confident and less affected by peer pressure. They will also be less susceptible to colds, flu, and other illnesses. In addition, their bodies will grow more evenly and with greater coordination, thus avoiding ailments such as Osgood-Schlatter condition, in which bones grow faster than tendons.

If a child is old enough to wear a necklace but not mature enough be left unattended with it, you may wish to place the Moonstone under his clothing once a day for 10 to 30 minutes while he or she participates in a supervised physical activity. During that time, the child can use gross and then fine motor movements to stimulate the supraphysical aura's uptake of Moonstone energy and maximize its effectiveness. The necklace should be removed after the exercise.

If your child is old enough to wear a necklace safely without supervision, he or she can simply wear the Moonstone necklace.

Couples and Moonstone

Moonstone's unusual ability to affect a child who is in close contact with a parent wearing Moonstone also applies to couples. If one partner wears the necklace, the other will pick up the Moonstone energy, as long the two are in close proximity, such as when they are sitting or sleeping next to each other.

Care and Cleansing of Moonstone

Cleanse Moonstone daily with some mild soap under running water. Use a clay bath two or three times a week. (Click here for instructions on how to make a clay bath to cleanse a gemstone necklace. Note that the clay bath method is not appropriate for cleansing all gemstones.)

Moonstone's shimmer is best seen in sunlight, and holding it outside in the sunshine for a short time to enjoy its beauty will do it no harm. Nor will wearing Moonstone in the sun harm it, since your aura will naturally protect the gems from the sun's radiation. However, cleansing Moonstone in sunlight is not recommended, because the sun's dehydrating energy would essentially evaporate the energy that Moonstone emits and that collects around the gems.

More significantly, unprotected Moonstone tends to absorb the sun's radiation, which would then be released into your body and aura if you wore the gems afterward. Your supraphysical aura cannot protect your body from this phenomenon, as it does from direct sunlight. To avoid this, if your Moonstone has been exposed to sunlight for a few minutes, use a clay bath to cleanse it before wearing it again. If it has been exposed for a longer time and feels depleted, give it a clay bath and then regenerate it by placing it outside on the ground under dense foliage or an overhang of rocks, and cover it with a cloth to protect it further from the sunshine.

Therapeutic Quality Moonstone

Therapeutic quality Moonstone is milky-white and can vary in its degree of translucency. Therapeutic Moonstone displays an optical quality called adularescence—that is, a shimmery flash of white or, in very rare cases, blue. Almost every bead in a therapeutic Moonstone necklace should have a distinct flash. The more surface area the flash covers, the more potent the gem is. For the best view of its flash, hold your Moonstone in sunlight.

Cracks and inclusions hinder Moonstone's effectiveness and should be either absent or very minimal. Black or other colored opaque spots void Moonstone's energy in an area many times the size of the spot itself. A necklace with many spots might even be harmful to the wearer's supraphysical fabric.

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