Opalight - Resolving Karma

Opalight helps resolve the karma, or past entanglements, that perpetuate physical conditions in the present. By shining its light on your aura, Opalight reveals which of your conditions are most deeply rooted in the past and therefore are probably your most serious. It brings their underlying issues to your attention so that you can take steps to resolve them. Opalight's calming effect on the aura can help you sleep, thereby encouraging karmic resolution in the dream state.


Indications for Wearing a
Therapeutic Opalight Necklace

When one or more of the following apply—

You are experiencing—


A physical condition that you suspect is being perpetuated by a karmic pattern


Insomnia from an overactive mind

You want to—


Understand the karmic issues underlying a physical condition


Resolve the karmic issues underlying a physical condition


Experience more restful sleep


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Opalight Shape and Color

Due to variations in the hardness of the stone, Opalight beads may have a slightly irregular spherical shape. Also, because the color of natural, therapeutic-quality Opalight varies slightly, the color shown in the photograph above may not represent our current stock. Click here for more information about Opalight color and therapeutic quality.

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Gemisphere - Opalight Necklace Sold Out Note

Our Opalight necklaces are temporarily sold out. Gemisphere is committed to providing only the highest quality therapeutic gemstones. Unlike most commercially available Opalight, the Opalight gems that meet our standards for therapeutic quality are very rare and currently unavailable.

We continue to search for these special healing gifts from the Earth and look forward to offering them again soon. To place your name on a waiting list, please call 800-727-8877 and ask to speak with a Gemstone Advisor. When the new necklaces are available, we will call people in the order they joined the list.

Thank you!

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Inventory Updated Date

Gemstone Inventory last updated 5/17/2017

Benefits of Wearing a Therapeutic Opalight Necklace

Opalight helps resolve the karma, or past entanglements, that perpetuate physical conditions in the present. Opalight studies your aura, learning all that your aura will reveal to it about your past, present, and future and about how every aspect of your being is affecting your physical body. Opalight then highlights certain areas of your aura to let your highest self know of the current condition of your physical body.

The condition of every cell in your body has been dictated by your past actions, or karma. Consequently, what you do in the present has the power to change your condition in the future. Opalight can bring your awareness to areas of your body with conditions whose causes are most deeply rooted in the past. These conditions are often the most difficult to resolve and usually are the most serious. When you wear Opalight, these areas are revealed as the darkest areas in your aura. Not all the dark areas that Opalight highlights reflect physical ailments. Some reflect mental or emotional conditions that are either affecting the physical body or may do so in the future.

Opalight brings your attention to the areas of greatest need. Attention holds the hand of light, and light holds the hand of love. Therefore, when you place your attention on these deeply rooted conditions, light and love enter the area. Light is the healing force, and love acts like a liquid catalyst for change.

Opalight helps bring you into the present by helping you release past situations that are holding you back. It also highlights the positive qualities and conditions that have grown out of the past. In this way, Opalight can help you feel that things are not as bad as they may seem, and this is comforting and encouraging.

When part of the mind has false concepts about the physical body, it inhibits the body from healing and making other positive changes. Consequently, the mind's attitudes about a certain condition could impede its resolution. If your mind has false concepts, Opalight will quiet the part of your mind that harbors these concepts and prevent them from affecting your physical body. For example, the Opalight might learn from your aura that you have a hip ailment because of a certain situation in the past. Yet your mind might attribute the ailment to something else altogether. The Opalight will quiet the part of your mind that harbors the incorrect concept and will work on bringing the truth to your awareness. When Opalight quiets part of the mind, vast portions of the mind remain available, giving you the opportunity to start using other, clearer parts of the mind.

Opalight brings light, love, and attention to areas of need. Yet that is where its work stops. If you insist on not seeing what it has illuminated, it cannot convince you to look. Nevertheless, as long as you wear Opalight, it will continue to shine its light and draw attention to those areas.

Resolving Karma During Sleep

When Opalight energy fills your aura, it acts like a filter to diffuse, calm, and soothe any harsh or rough energies contained there. This effect can help you become calmer and can even help you sleep.

Since much resolution of past entanglements is best accomplished in the dream state, this calming effect supports Opalight's work. When the body is asleep, it is much easier to focus light, and thus love, on the darkest areas of the aura. As the days pass, you may start to wake up with an uncanny knowingness that something has been resolved during the night or that it's time to take a particular action. For example, you may realize that you need to see a doctor for a certain condition, or you may wake up knowing that a particular condition is related to a past situation. This knowledge will feel so natural that you may not be consciously aware that something from the past has been resolved or that something new has been learned. This knowledge will simply have become part of you. Therefore, even if you don't wear Opalight during the day, you may wish to wear it at night when you sleep.

Aid for Insomnia

Because of Opalight's ability to help people sleep, it can be an effective aid for insomnia. Be aware, however, that if the insomnia is caused by an external substance—such as drugs, caffeine, or certain foods —Opalight can do little to assist. Artificial stimulants supersede Opalight's calming and soothing qualities. It can be very helpful, on the other hand, if you cannot sleep because of natural causes. Then, Opalight's calming effect may be just strong enough to allow your own natural sleep abilities to take over.

Opalight's Supporting Role

Whenever you work with Opalight, it is important to work with other kinds of treatments as well, especially if the condition you are treating is serious. Opalight therapy is only a supplementary protocol; it is not sufficient to heal a disease completely. Disharmonious situations invariably have mental, emotional, and physical roots in addition to karmic ones, and these must be addressed. Your physical body also must be supported as it is making its necessary changes. Although Opalight is only a piece of the therapeutic puzzle, it can help resolve certain conditions that have previously resisted other treatments.

Therapeutic Quality Opalight

Spheres of therapeutic Opalight are variegated in color, combining areas of cream, tan, brown, and sometimes opalescent gray. The most effective Opalight necklace has the greatest variation of color from cream to brown. When Opalight spheres are used singly, independent of a necklace structure, the different colors of Opalight have somewhat different effects. However, when Opalight beads are strung into a necklace, the energies of the individual spheres combine to form the energy that is Opalight, regardless of the quantity of each color in the necklace. As long as the necklace contains an obvious amount of brown, tan, cream or white, and one or two opalescent specimens, the energy of an Opalight necklace is unified.

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