Roselle - Purifying the Emotions

Roselle initiates a deep purification of the emotional body, thereby helping release the emotional limitations that hinder personal growth and happiness. Roselle's energy enters the wave-like flows in the emotional body. There, it dislodges suppressed and unacknowledged feelings, gently transforming them into flowing energy that can be released through healthy emotional expression. This purification removes the emotional causes of physical illness and helps you grow more in touch with your true emotional nature.


Indications for Wearing a
Therapeutic Roselle Necklace

When one or more of the following apply—

You are experiencing—


Difficulty expressing your emotions


Feeling emotionally flat, closed, or shut down


Feeling emotionally burdened


A physical condition that is being exacerbated by an emotional issue

You want to—


Release, express, and resolve suppressed emotions


Acknowledge and understand any suppressed or hidden feelings


Promote the healthy expression of your emotions


Become more in touch with your feelings


Let go of emotional burdens or heaviness


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Benefits of Wearing a Therapeutic Roselle Necklace

Roselle, the spherical form of Rose Quartz, initiates deep emotional purification by helping you release the emotional limitations that hinder personal growth and happiness. Roselle energy helps you express, release, and resolve suppressed emotions.

Repressed or unacknowledged feelings impede emotional and physical health. These unexpressed emotions place pressure on your physical body and can eventually manifest as disease. Like locked doors within your being, suppressed emotions obstruct your experience of greater self-awareness and self-understanding.

Roselle helps you unlock these doors and then gently stimulates your heart to open so that you can express the feelings hidden there. Roselle does not heal emotions, but rather helps you resolve and let go of them. It will help reveal long-forgotten emotions that have been pushed deep within as a result of many kinds of conditioning. These forgotten emotions may even include love, joy, or happiness, as well as more difficult ones, such as fear, anger, and grief.

Roselle works in two phases. In the first phase, it stirs suppressed emotions, allowing you to acknowledge, understand, and then feel them. In the second phase, it encourages you to express these feelings, resolve and let go of them, and then move on. As long as you wear therapeutic Roselle, it releases more and more deeply embedded collections of suppressed emotions. Roselle also initiates an energetic stability in your physical body to help prepare it for this emotional outflow.

Roselle can help people with many kinds of emotional conditions—from those with only slight emotional problems to those whose emotional state is so disharmonious that, by society's standards, they are considered emotionally ill. Roselle can help the emotionally ill regain some strength and hope.

Although its action is subtle, Roselle is very effective and should not be overlooked, especially if you are experiencing any emotional disharmony whatsoever. Because Roselle can show people so much about themselves, it is a helpful addition to any counseling or self-help program.

Using Roselle with Consciousness

Roselle's effects can be made stronger and more significant if it is used consciously as a therapeutic tool. Roselle is best utilized when worn or applied with the clear intention of moving beyond the particular emotional limitations that keep one from taking the next step in one's personal growth.

Even if you don't feel you have an emotional problem, it can be an interesting experience in self-awareness and self-understanding to wear Roselle and observe which emotions start coming up and which emotions you try to suppress. This experience might also help you recognize which mental attitudes are causing you to suppress particular emotions.

When Releasing Emotions

When you are releasing painful emotions, you may find it comforting to remove your Roselle necklace, hold it in your hands, and cry. You may also find that you want to hold the Roselle over one of four chakras, depending on where the Roselle feels most comforting: the stomach, the heart, the throat, or near your eyes over your brow. The chakra to which you are naturally drawn will probably be the one that is calling most strongly for the Roselle energy to help complete its release.

Roselle and Ruby

When you wear therapeutic Roselle and Ruby together, Ruby gives additional light and life to Roselle's effects. If you are having trouble expressing or letting go of your emotions, Ruby's powerful love will give you the confidence you need to do so. It will help you realize that you will still have love and be loved if you express the feelings you have been suppressing.

Roselle and Rhodochrosite

Wearing Roselle for several weeks can prepare you to wear Rhodochrosite, which can strongly break up emotional patterns and cleanse and rebuild your entire emotional being.

Contraindication: Roselle and Gold

Roselle should never be worn touching gold. The combination of Roselle and gold is disharmonious. Although gold can be beneficial in many situations, its energy tends to lock in one's state of consciousness and close the heart. These effects are in direct conflict with the action of Roselle. Roselle's energy also enlivens and strengthens gold and makes its effects more erratic and unstable.

If you wear gold with Roselle, your emotions will be stimulated and grow out of proportion. For example, if the amount of your suppressed anger could be compared to the size of a sparrow, the combination of Roselle and gold will expand your anger to the size of an elephant. Such over-stimulated emotions will surround you like a bubble in which you can become lost.

Amount to Wear

People will tend to be attracted to the Roselle sphere size that is most comfortable for them. It is best to begin by wearing a necklace of either 8-mm or 10-mm Roselle spheres. After several months—or when you feel that you have resolved certain emotional blocks and issues but still have more to work on—you can move on to the next larger size. Continue this process until you reach 12-mm spheres or the largest sphere size that is comfortable for your neck.

Therapeutic Quality Roselle

Therapeutic Quality Roselle is translucent but not to the point of being optical in quality. It is neither cloudy nor clear. Its consistency and color resemble a rose mist that permeates the entire sphere. Very minor inclusions within Roselle are part of its nature and do not diminish its therapeutic effects. However, any dullness, cloudiness, uncharacteristic color, dark inclusions, surface fissures, gouges, or poor drill holes hamper Roselle's effectiveness. Large drill holes diminish the strength of Roselle's radiance. Smaller drill holes allow Roselle's energy to penetrate the aura more quickly.

Non-dyed vs. Dyed Roselle

Only natural, fine pink, gem-quality Roselle should be used therapeutically. Roselle is by nature a delicate light pink. To the untrained eye, this natural pink color may appear somewhat pale, especially when compared to dyed Roselle. Nearly all the Roselle spheres available today have been dyed in an attempt to make them look like gem-quality Roselle. Natural Roselle of a fine pink color is rare.

Although dye might make the Roselle appear higher in quality, it is a harmful irritant, which inhibits Roselle's action. Natural Roselle calms and soothes the emotions; the soothing, massaging motion of its energy allows hidden feelings to emerge. Dyed Roselle, on the other hand, expresses an irritating energy. This energy can be so strong that, when worn, dyed Roselle can make you feel like crying or expressing anger. You may think that the Roselle is helping you to release suppressed emotions. On the contrary, the interaction of the dye with the Roselle energy creates an irritation that causes unnecessary upset. Dyed Roselle can also place stress on the chakras, which will brace themselves in self-protection against the energy of the dyed Roselle.

To guarantee that a Roselle necklace is free of dye, it must be examined under a microscope.

Therapeutic vs. Optical Quality

Optical-quality Roselle has slightly different effects from optimal Therapeutic Quality Roselle. Optical Roselle's energy is more abrupt, even harsh. It can tear into the wearer's energetic fabric, ripping open pockets of suppressed emotion.

For this reason, optical Roselle can be used for short periods when someone has an immediate need to understand his feelings about an issue. This may be the case when someone must make an important decision, or when finding clarity has become difficult because a situation has become emotionally overwhelming. Optical-quality Roselle will cut through the grief, anger, frustration, or other emotion so that the person can examine his true feelings.

Optical Roselle should not be worn for more than one or two days at a time, and often five to 15 minutes are sufficient. It is best applied under the care of a professional gem therapist or a well-trained layperson.

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