Riverstone - Accelerating Change

Riverstone's energy accelerates change. It energizes your aura, speeding the resolution of any process you are experiencing. Riverstone helps you move more swiftly through the changes associated with a particular process, such as a therapy or cleansing. Because Riverstone will lend its unbridled energy to any activity, positive or negative, you must provide a focus for its work—for example, through mental intention or by wearing another therapeutic gemstone. When used as an adjunct to meditation, Riverstone energizes your whole being and helps you make the changes that lead to deeper spiritual experiences.


Indications for Wearing a
Therapeutic Riverstone Necklace

When one or more of the following apply—

You are experiencing—


Frustration with your progress in making changes in yourself, your health, or your life


Feeling stalled in your spiritual practice

You want to—


Accelerate certain positive changes in your body or your life


Break out of a rut


Heighten experiences in meditation or other spiritual practice


Intensify or accelerate the effects of another life-promoting therapy or therapeutic gemstone


Accelerate the process of labor and transition during childbirth

Note: Riverstone should be worn for a maximum of one or two hours at a time.


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Benefits of Wearing a Therapeutic Riverstone Necklace

Riverstone's energy accelerates change. It energizes your entire aura, speeding the resolution of any physical or inner process you are experiencing. Riverstone helps you move more swiftly through the changes associated with a particular process. For example, if your body is in a cleansing mode, the cleansing is sped up; if your body is in a specific healing mode, the healing is accelerated.

Riverstone attracts and absorbs a type of energy released by moving water. This energy enlivens the Riverstone, increasing the velocity, strength, and power of the Riverstone's energy. Like wild, unbridled horses, Riverstone's energy races in every direction. Because human beings are made mostly of water, when a human being wears Riverstone, the Riverstone has a vast source of potential energy to tap into and transform.

How quickly Riverstone accelerates a change depends on how long you wear it—for as soon as you remove the Riverstone, the accelerating force behind the change stops. How quickly it works also depends on how disciplined you are in focusing on the change you desire. The results of wearing Riverstone with a focus are quite different from those of wearing it without one.

Wearing Riverstone without a focus means wearing it with no specific goal in mind or without another gemstone or healing influence to give the Riverstone direction. If you wear Riverstone without a focus, undirected changes will occur and confusion will result. These undirected changes might be in your outlook, attitudes, feelings, or physical circumstances or in the way you react to certain stimuli. When using Riverstone, you must have a clear intention, along with the motivation and desire to change. If even one of these factors is missing, wearing Riverstone can lead to imbalances and be quite detrimental. For example, without a clearly defined goal, the Riverstone energy might attach itself to the energy of a disease and accelerate its development.

Before putting the Riverstone around your neck, you must spend three to five minutes strongly focusing on and thinking about your reason for wearing it. This short contemplation period will focus mental energy on the situation you wish to address. This mental energy acts like a beacon, guiding the Riverstone energy toward the situation of choice. When the energies of the Riverstone and the situation become linked, the situation's energy enters a swiftly-moving current of Riverstone energy. The Riverstone cannot take the situation's energy and run with it in any direction; it must follow the projected course of your intention.

To focus Riverstone's work, you can also wear or use it with another therapeutic gemstone. Riverstone can serve as a powerful element in a gemstone energy medicine protocol, helping you to move more swiftly through the changes characteristic of the other gem. For example, if the gemstone has a certain healing effect, this effect is accelerated; if it has a balancing effect, the movement toward balance is hastened. Be aware, however, that as things speed up, your life might seem to go further out of balance. Yet you will simply be letting go of the things creating the imbalance at a much faster rate.

Enhancing Spiritual Practice

If you enjoy meditation or spiritual contemplation, you can wear Riverstone around your neck either during your quiet time or just beforehand. During spiritual practice, you focus on the spirituality within you, and this is indeed a strong focus. When Riverstone is used as an adjunct to meditation or contemplation, your whole being becomes energized. It helps you make the changes that will lead to heightened spiritual experiences.

Accelerating Other Therapies' Effects

Riverstone also can be used to accelerate the effects of other energy medicine protocols, such as herbal therapies. Again, the Riverstone must be applied for short periods and with the clear intention of supporting the other therapy.

Facilitating Emotionally Focused Gemstones

Compared to the physical body and its processes, emotions are highly volatile. Because of this, directing Riverstone's raw element of change at the emotions could destabilize them and create havoc. Therefore, one must use extreme caution when wearing Riverstone with an emotional focus or applying it with an emotionally focused gemstone, such as Ruby or Roselle. The Riverstone applications can be frequent, but they must always be brief. For example, you can wear the Riverstone necklace several times a day but only for a few minutes each time; or you can wear the Riverstone several times a week for 15 minutes to an hour each time.

Knotted vs. Unknotted Riverstone Necklaces

A Riverstone necklace is most powerful when no knots are tied between its spheres. However, even in a knotted necklace, the energetic attraction from one sphere to the next is strong enough for the Riverstone energy to pass through the space between them. Although its effects are not as strong, a knotted necklace might be preferable for most people, because it is less likely to compromise the wearer's balance.

Support in Childbirth

There is no activity in human experience more focused than the birth and delivery of a child. During labor, every cell in the mother's body is concentrated on this one goal. If a woman wishes to employ Riverstone during childbirth, it is best to place it around her neck after labor is well under way. If labor is progressing slowly or has become stalled, Riverstone will help speed up the process. It will help the mother dilate and move through transition.

After transition and during the pushing stage, Poppy Jasper is the gemstone of choice. It will give the mother access to more energy for pushing. Learn more about Poppy Jasper.

Time Guidelines

Riverstone should be worn for a maximum of one or two hours at a time.

Therapeutic Quality Riverstone

Therapeutic-quality Riverstone is creamy tan with patches and veins of white or light brownish-white. Riverstone is a soft gem and must be shaped into spheres carefully. Beware of Riverstone spheres that have been sprayed with a clear coating to keep the stones from deteriorating; this coating renders the Riverstone non-therapeutic. Gemisphere's Riverstone has a slightly shiny appearance created by the final polish given to the spheres during cutting. This polish does not affect the stones' therapeutic value and wears off over time with use and proper cleansing. Gemisphere offers only untreated, therapeutic-quality Riverstone.

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