Sodalight - Purifying the Aura

Sodalight purifies your aura, making it a cleaner, more harmonious atmosphere in which to live. To do this, Sodalight absorbs and neutralizes the clouds of mental disharmony that pollute the aura, bog down the mind, and make you feel burdened. Sodalight also clears your physical body of the negative mental energies that disrupt the body's functioning and perpetuate disease. Purifying your body and aura with Sodalight restores your physical vitality and helps reveal your true nature, strengths, and life's purpose.


Indications for Wearing a
Therapeutic Sodalight Necklace

When one or more of the following apply—

You are experiencing—


Mental cloudiness or fogginess


Feeling bogged down, burdened, or overwhelmed


General sluggishness or mild depression


Extreme emotional sensitivity or a tendency to overreact


Persistent painful memories interfering with your day-to-day functioning


Attention deficit issues


Difficulty distinguishing between your own thoughts, feelings, and desires and those of others


Difficulty defining your goals

You want to—


Experience greater mental clarity


Develop more positive mental habits


Protect yourself from negative thoughts or emotions of others


Strengthen your bond with a pet


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Benefits of Wearing a Therapeutic Sodalight Necklace

Sodalight purifies your aura, making it a cleaner, more harmonious atmosphere in which to live. Just as planetary health requires a clean atmosphere, your personal health requires that your aura be as clear as possible of disharmonious energies. An aura clouded with negative and disharmonious energies burdens you, while a clean aura supports balance and harmony within you. Sodalight also frees your physical body of the negative mental energies that impede the body's functioning and interfere with the expression of its true energetic nature.

Negative thoughts, attitudes, and concepts emanated by the mind collect in the aura as clouds of disharmony. Wearing a necklace of Sodalight spheres removes these clouds. It also removes the other non-life-giving energies that tend to accumulate in the aura, polluting it and bogging down your mind, emotions, and body. Sodalight absorbs and neutralizes these undesirable energies. Like the sun shining on the Earth after clouds have dissipated, the light of the life force can then shine more brightly through your inner aspects to your physical body.

When these mental clouds have dissipated, you will feel as though you have been relieved of a great weight. You will also begin to see your mental habits more clearly. With this new clarity, you may come to recognize the burdensome effects of negative thinking. If you have many negative thoughts in a day, hopefully you will commit yourself to developing new, more positive mental habits. Sodalight does not remove the cause of the negativity; it simply removes the clouds. If you do not change your negative mental habits, and you stop wearing Sodalight, eventually your aura will become as polluted as it was before you wore the Sodalight.

Wearing a necklace of therapeutic Sodalight also gradually clears your physical body of the excess mental energies that have infiltrated it. These energies disrupt metabolic functions and perpetuate physical ailments of all kinds. Sodalight lifts the mental weight from your body, helping to restore its vitality and reclaim its true nature.

To accomplish this, Sodalight strengthens the energy flows throughout your body. It spurs your body's energies into motion, enhancing their movement through all your energy meridians. If the meridians' flows are blocked or congested, Sodalight clears them and prompts them to move; if they are over-stimulated, it helps them calm down. Sodalight works with all your energy flows at once, strengthening them and urging them to find balance with each other. Like a swiftly moving river pushing away debris, these stronger flows enable your body to easily slough off unwanted energies.

Your emotions are even more susceptible to excess mental clutter than your physical body. People whose emotions are clouded with excessive mental clutter may have super-sensitive emotions or respond to events with unexpected outbursts. They may react to life emotionally, express strong emotions, or lose control of their emotions. Wearing a Sodalight necklace will gradually clear the emotions of excess mental clutter, allowing them to become more balanced. People who continually feel overwhelmed or burdened, often for no clearly defined reason, will benefit greatly from wearing Sodalight.

When unnecessary mental energies clutter your memory, its “filing” mechanism gets disturbed, and painful memories cannot be properly stored or retrieved. Instead of retreating to the background, as they should, these improperly stored memories impinge on the person's awareness. As the Sodalight purifies your aura, obstructions to your memory are gradually removed, and painful recollections are able to find their proper places.

Mental clutter inhibits the mind's ability to focus and give undivided attention to tasks; it also makes it easy for the mind to fall into ruts. Sodalight energy cancels out and obliterates mental clutter.

When your aura is cleaner, you can see yourself more clearly—your true nature, your strengths and shortcomings, and the direction in which your life is headed. You more easily recognize your true thoughts, feelings, and goals. Therefore, Sodalight is especially beneficial for people who have difficulty distinguishing between their own thoughts, emotions, and goals, and those projected onto them by others. When you see yourself more clearly, you can choose to enhance your positive attributes, work on your shortcomings, and more clearly define your life's direction.

Attention Deficit and Related Disorders

Mental clutter can make us easily distracted and cause difficulty in focusing. Thus, children with attention deficit disorder that has been caused or exacerbated by mental clutter may benefit from wearing Sodalight.

Because of the mind's special relationship to the brain, the mind tends to deposit a great deal of mental metabolic waste, or “garbage,” there. In children, a variety of things can cause mental waste to accumulate in the brain—for example, too much visual stimulation from excessive television viewing, or the discomfort caused by parental bickering.

To learn subjects such as reading and math, the mind requires a proper connection to the body. Mental clutter can interfere with this connection. When a child's brain is cluttered with too much mental “metabolic” waste, and the mind-body connection is impaired, many problems can result. These problems can include difficulty focusing the attention, poor memory, ear infections, and vision problems. The child may also develop dyslexia, a reading disability in which the brain has difficulty translating written images into meaningful language.

You can use a necklace of therapeutic Sodalight to help clear a child's mental clutter and help unravel an inappropriate blending of the mind and body. This can be beneficial in certain cases of attention deficit disorders.

Cleansing Your Home Atmosphere

The energies of a family's thoughts, both positive and negative, are collected and contained within the walls of the family home. As students of the Chinese art of feng shui are aware, energy currents in a home can have a significant impact on the quality of its inhabitants' lives. Sodalight can benefit the atmosphere of any home by clearing its accumulated thought energies. Rounded Sodalight easily absorbs the imbalanced, disharmonious thoughts that collect there and works at improving the home's atmospheric balance.

The atmosphere of every home is unique. To help Sodalight learn the nature of your thought energies, wear it around your neck for at least a few days. Then remove the Sodalight from your aura and place it on the mantle or in some other place where it is exposed to your home's atmosphere. Sodalight does not need to touch the soil to affect a home environment.

Helping the Earth's Atmosphere

When you wear Sodalight in spherical form, many negative energies are absorbed from your aura that otherwise would have been released into the Earth's atmosphere. Therefore, the more that people wear Sodalight, the less mental pollution the Earth will be forced to assimilate and the healthier our planet's atmosphere will be.

Sodalight's Protection

Sodalight can protect you from the negative thoughts, emotions, or other energies directed at you by others. This includes unwelcome prayer. When worn, Sodalight can soak up these energies as they enter your aura.

Enhancing Human-Animal Relationships

Sodalight has a special affinity with animals. Hence, you can use Sodalight to improve your connection with the animals you love and to enhance your ability to communicate with them. Sodalight can build a bridge of awareness between your two souls. When you and the animal wear Sodalight together, the love bonds between you will become more solid, real, and tangible. Your telepathic connection will also grow. Your sense of togetherness and oneness for a common purpose will deepen, even if that purpose is nothing more than enjoying life and the outdoors together.

To experience these benefits, simply wear a Sodalight necklace and place a collar of Sodalight around the animal's neck. For a horse, you can secure a necklace of Sodalight to its halter or bridle. Keep the Sodalight on both you and the animal at the same time. If you remove your Sodalight, keeping it on the animal will be of no value.

To be most effective, a human/animal work team must perform together on many levels—physical, emotional, mental, and intuitive. If you are part of a human/animal work team—such as in the mounted police or in an army canine unit—you can use Sodalight to help develop your team in both spirit and practice. Wearing Sodalight when you first form your team will create strong inner links between you. You can wear the Sodalight while you are working together and occasionally overnight. When your team has fully formed, it is best to wear the Sodalight together only occasionally. This will allow you to spend time growing as individuals, which is also important in maintaining a healthy team.

Making Sodalight Yours

Because the energetic charge of each person's thoughts is unique, Sodalight works with each person in a unique way. To be most effective for you, Sodalight gets to know your unique charge and your overall vibratory picture. Consequently, a Sodalight necklace works best if only one person wears it.

Sodalight and Blue Sapphire

Wearing a Blue Sapphire necklace along with a Sodalight necklace will help clear mental clutter and reestablish a healthy mental-physical connection. The Sodalight will clear the physical body of mental clutter and help untangle any inappropriate blending of the mind and body. The Blue Sapphire will help the mind make the proper connections to the body. Blue Sapphire also clears mental clutter. However, unlike Sodalight, Sapphire directly addresses the causes of mental disharmony, which are found in the mind itself. Sodalight works specifically on the physical body and the aura.

Sodalight and Metal

Sodalight strengthens all the energy flows in your body. Wearing base metals, such as those often used in jewelry, can cut off or inhibit these flows. Therefore, when wearing Sodalight and jewelry at the same time, some people may experience pain in their fingers and wrists. If this happens, simply remove your rings, bracelets, and wristwatches while you are wearing Sodalight. Some people may also need to remove their eyeglasses to allow the body's energy flows to move more freely about the face. Although gold, silver, and copper are less apt to have this effect, it is good to be aware of any possible conflicts.

Time and Other Guidelines

Sodalight produces its greatest effects when it touches the atmosphere while it is being worn. Therefore, it is best worn over, rather than under, clothing. Its strength and effectiveness also increase steadily the longer it is worn. Therefore, if Sodalight is worn constantly—for example, for five weeks—its work will be much stronger than if it were worn for only five days.

If you cannot wear Sodalight during the day, you can sleep with your necklace at night. You can either wear it around your neck or keep it in the bed with you. Be aware that Sodalight cannot absorb disharmonious energies when it is covered by leather or any man-made material, including plastic. Therefore, placing Sodalight under your pillow will work only if your pillow is made entirely of cotton, down, or some other natural material. If placed under a pillowcase made of polyester or some other synthetic fabric, the Sodalight will not be effective.

Storing Sodalight

To minimize the tendency for Sodalight to turn white over time, it should be stored in a special container. The ideal container is a wooden box, lined on the bottom with fresh or dried moss over a one-inch layer of garden soil. If you must store or transport Sodalight in a plastic bag, fill the bag with a copious amount of dried sphagnum moss, which can be purchased inexpensively at a garden-supply store. The moss will absorb the gas given off by the plastic so that the Sodalight doesn't have to. It will also help the Sodalight maintain its Earth-energy connection, which will keep the Sodalight working at full capacity even if whitening does occur.

Therapeutic Quality Sodalight

Therapeutic Quality Sodalight spheres are a deep, rich blue, with relatively consistent color throughout the entire sphere. When the highest-quality Sodalight is first fashioned into spheres, it has only a faint suggestion of white streaks or clouds. If more than 10 percent of the sphere's surface is white, its therapeutic effectiveness is diminished.

Therapeutic Sodalight may also have tiny—sometimes microscopic—pinpoints of various other colors, such as black, gold, orange, and silver. Sodalight's nature is to purify the human aura and body by absorbing energies that do not fit its wearer's overall vibratory picture. A moderate amount of these additional colors, or elements, allows the Sodalight to respond to a wider spectrum of these energies. However, if these colors cover more than five percent of the sphere's surface, the sphere will lack the ideal proportion of essential and nonessential Sodalight components, rendering it non-therapeutic.

Exquisite-quality Sodalight may display its crystalline nature as reflective facets of dark blue or black. If the Sodalight is somewhat translucent, the facets may appear to be contained inside the sphere. Therapeutic Sodalight should not be so transparent or gem-like as to encroach on the properties of Indigo.

Sodalight is yet another gemstone that is commonly dyed. Dye hides any white streaks or clouds and prevents the Sodalight from expressing its healing energy. It also clogs the stone's pores and thus inhibits its ability to absorb disharmony. Consequently, Sodalight that contains any dye is non-therapeutic.

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