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    5 reasons to Wear Malachite

    5 reasons to Wear Malachite

    January 23, 2019 by Eleena Katz

    1. You are experiencing the following physical ailments:

    • Pain or Tightness
    • Congestion or Stagnation
    • Chronic injury that just won't resolve

    Malachite's energy will enlist your body's resources to energetically resolve any of the above physical conditions. It does this by promoting communication throughout your entire physical body. When all parts of your body are working together, harmony and ultimate functionality can occur.

    2. You want to awaken your body to the potential presence of disease, so you can combat it.

    Place a Malachite necklace on an ailing area of your body to help dissolve deep-seated disharmonies. Doing this will help give your body the opportunity to marshal its forces to resolve the condition.

    Simply keep the Malachite in place for 20 – 30 minutes at a time to allow the energy to work for you.

    3. You want to connect deeply with the Earth.

    Malachite's energy has a unique resonance with our Earth. This beautiful green gemstone is dense and heavy, which helps draw your body downward when you feel spacy or disconnected and need extra grounding. Try meditating with it: sit quietly holding this necklace, contemplating your connection to nature. Allow the energy to flow.

    4. You have connected with some of the profound experiences others have had with this gemstone.

    "Since I starting wearing Malachite, it has changed my life. I live a very hectic, busy life in a large urban center, where stress is a way of life. With Malachite, I can feel my body deeply relaxing, and I am having the best sleep I have had in years….It is a joy to sleep deeply through the night and awaken feeling relaxed and well rested."

    — V.W., New York

    "I recently put on my Malachite necklace after not having used it for many months. During the next four days I made a dietary adjustment, treated myself to a Citrine therapy, and selected a homeopathic remedy to upgrade my overall health. I attribute all these steps and the resulting benefits to the influence of the Malachite."

    — Herbert Wheeler, M.T. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

    "Wearing Malachite, I feel as though my body has begun to remember its blueprint for how it is supposed to work. All the disparate energies that weren't working in concert have begun to work together. I feel like my body is beginning to remember its best self and work at a much higher level than it has in many years. Thank you, Malachite!"

    — V.W., New York


    5.  You want to add a beautiful, high-quality therapeutic gemstone to your tool-kit.

    Wearing a Malachite necklace is a perfect addition to your self-care routine when you are focusing on optimizing your physical health. We have one body, and nothing is more important than supporting it to work at its most optimal level.


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