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How to Choose Therapeutic Gemstones

With so many gemstone necklaces and tools to select from, how do you choose the best ones for you? The good news: it’s impossible to make a wrong choice. When used properly, every therapeutic gemstone Gemisphere offers will bring uplifting benefits, because all of our gemstones work holistically and in a balanced way. Here are some tips for choosing a gem that best suits your needs and desires.

How to Choose Therapeutic Gemstones

Step 1: Choose an issue you want to address or a goal you want to achieve.

A good place to start is to consider which areas of your life you would like to support, improve, or enhance. To identify the issues or goals you want to address, ask yourself:

  • What types of issues or conditions keep coming up in my life?
  • Which areas of my life are most problematic right now?
  • In which areas do I want the most support right now?
  • How do I want to grow the most?

Step 2: Check out our Gemstone Collections.

While all of Gemisphere’s therapeutic gems work holistically, most gems also have an affinity with one particular aspect of our being—physical, emotional, mental, and so on. This means that certain gems are particularly helpful for addressing specific issues or goals.

Based on your answers above, determine which area is most involved with the issue or goal you want to focus on. Then check out our Gemstone Collections, where we have grouped together gemstones with similar focuses.

Physical Healing

Working with these gems can deeply purify and help heal the physical body, promote the release of toxins and negative energies stored in the organs, and support the immune system.

Emotional Healing 

Working with these gems can foster a sense of peace and happiness, improve emotional balance, and help heal painful and suppressed emotions

Mental Improvement

Working with these therapeutic gems can clear and focus the mind, expand mental potential, and help heal certain mental imbalances.

Karmic Resolution

The primary focus of these therapeutic gems is to help resolve limiting karmic patterns for a greater sense of inner freedom, healthier relationships, and improved mental and physical health.

Higher Consciousness 

Working with these gems can help heighten spiritual awareness, abolish impediments to higher states of consciousness, and strengthen the intuition.

Multidimensional Healing 

Although all therapeutic gemstones work holistically, most gems focus their work primarily on one dimension of our being. Their work on other dimensions supports their main purpose. However, there are some gems whose work is particularly diverse, resulting in profound effects on more than one dimension. For this reason, these gems are especially versatile tools.

Thriving Today

Today our changing world presents the human body and spirit with new and unique challenges. Some gemstones help us adapt and even thrive among these rapid changes. These gems are powerful aids for living healthfully and harmoniously in our changing environment and for rising to new levels of vitality and growth.

Masculine + Feminine

The primary focus of these gemstones is empowering your feminine or masculine aspect and fostering balance between them. These gemstones can restore self-confidence and physical vigor, help resolve relationship issues, and repair endocrine imbalances.

Nature’s Nourishing Energies

This special class of therapeutic gemstones includes opaque gemstones whose primary focus is healing, energizing, and nourishing the physical body. In general, the colors of these gemstones are muted, earthy, and variegated.

NEW Necklaces

Our newest therapeutic necklaces draw on powerful archetypes for a variety of benefits. Several necklaces promote longevity. Others support a woman’s well-being by enlivening the energies of the Divine Feminine. Still others imbue both men and women with the energies of a Noble Warrior spirit to meet life’s challenges with courage and strength.


More Tips

Follow your heart. When looking at the photos and reading about a gemstone, notice how you feel. A gentle awareness of whether you feel drawn to the necklace can be a helpful guide. Your own inner voice often provides the best guidance.

Do several necklaces seem to fit your needs? That’s fine. You can wear several necklaces simultaneously to address a single issue or goal. Working with several related gems can help you resolve the issue more swiftly and thoroughly.

You've chosen the gemstone you want. Now what? On each gemstone’s dedicated page, click the "Tips for Choosing" links to read tips for selecting the necklace quality, gemstone size, and necklace length you want.

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