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What Makes Gemstones Healing?

Gemstones embody powerful concentrated energy and profoundly resonate with the human body. This makes them excellent energy medicine tools. 

What Makes Gemstones Healing - Carnelian

Like other forms of energy medicine, gemstone energy medicine uses the body’s inherent healing force to nourish and heal us in multiple ways. Each type of gemstone embodies a unique energy that can focus and amplify this healing force and produce specific therapeutic effects.

Today, these potent tools for transforming health are being embraced by large numbers of people and have excited the interest of physicians and medical researchers. Gemstone therapies work. Emotional maladies, mental complaints, and acute and chronic illnesses of all kinds have responded to gemstone energy medicine in unprecedented and exciting ways.

How can therapeutic gems accomplish all this? Physicists tell us that all matter is energy in physical form. Gemstones are certainly no exception. Formed over eons, often at high pressure, the Earth’s gemstones embody intense concentrations of energy. Today, we employ the energetic and physical properties of gemstones in many aspects of technology—for example, we use gemstones in lasers to perform delicate surgeries and in computers to propel information around the globe. Similarly, we can use certain gemstones to focus and amplify the body’s innate energies to uplift our health.

Keys to Unlocking a Gemstone's Healing Power

Efforts to use gemstones for healing have a long history. In many cultures, ancient and modern, people have sought to uncover the therapeutic powers that lie within the crystalline structures of gemstones. Over the centuries, people’s attempts have met with varying degrees of success and failure. Yet, when using gems for healing, something was often missing. Until recently, we have been unable to discover a systematic way to unlock the full therapeutic powers of gems and to achieve consistent, long-lasting results.

Key #1: Quality

To discover why success with using gems for healing was elusive for so long, one place to look is to the gems themselves. Essential to the success of any form of medicine is the nature of its therapeutic tools. To be most effective and reliable, medicine must be pure and high in quality. The purity and quality requirements of the gems we use for healing parallel those of other forms of medicine. Meeting these strict requirements can make or break a gemstone’s therapeutic worth. For gemstone energy medicine to be effective and consistent, the use of only therapeutic quality gemstones is required.

Learn more about the importance of therapeutic quality in gemstones here.

Key #2: Shape

Our research and experience at Gemisphere have also shown that a gemstone’s shape profoundly affects the way it can express its energy—and thus its ability to deliver its healing properties. The ideal shape for a therapeutic gemstone is the sphere. Cutting a raw gemstone crystal into a sphere exponentially increases its ability to reach and heal the deepest, energetic aspects of our being, where the root causes of disease and distress lie. Therapeutic gemstone spheres radiate an incomparable energy that can affect all dimensions of our being, physical and subtle, and hence heal and transform us on multiple levels.

Why Necklaces?

At Gemisphere, we have discovered that one of the most powerful energy medicine tools is the therapeutic gemstone necklace. Some people might find it hard to imagine that an object resembling ordinary jewelry could affect our health and well-being so profoundly. Yet a therapeutic gemstone necklace is one of the most potent and consistent ways to deliver the healing benefits of gemstones.

When you wear gemstone spheres around your neck, their energies can radiate deep into your entire body and aura, or energetic field. There, the gems work on dissipating the energetic clouds and other blockages that obscure your natural radiance, limit your positive growth, and lead to ill health. At the same time, the gemstones’ energies uplift and nourish all aspects of your being. Thus, a therapeutic gemstone necklace can energize and inspire you, help restore your health, and initiate enduring changes.

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