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  • Founded in 1988 by author Michael Katz, Gemisphere is the premier resource for therapeutic gemstones. We operate a unique, world-class collection of therapeutic quality gemstones and offer a wide range of resources for learning how to choose and use these extraordinary healing tools.

    Gemisphere’s mission is to create the strongest possible foundation for the evolution of gemstone energy medicine now and for future generations. Our resources are designed to empower both healthcare professionals and at-home users to explore and experience the ability of gemstones to transform the body, mind, and spirit. Through these resources, we encourage people to expand and develop this exciting field, one that we expect to revolutionize the practice of medicine and uplift human health in the years to come.

    Our Gemstones

    It is our belief that the power and safety of gemstone energy medicine requires a strict adherence to using only high quality gems and then shaping, applying, and caring for them in appropriate ways. To these ends, we provide the world’s finest therapeutic gemstones and therapy tools and have set worldwide standards for therapeutic quality in gemstones. In over 40 countries, therapists, physicians, and athletic trainers rely on the purity and effectiveness of our gems and recommend them to their clients. We offer specific protocols for performing a variety of gem therapies. Thousands of therapeutic gemstone users won't use any other gems.

    Our History

    Gemisphere was born out of the unique research conducted by author Michael Katz on the healing power of gemstones. In 1988, he began a series of interviews with the Gemstone Guardians, the inner-world beings responsible for fulfilling the purpose and maintaining the effects of therapeutic gemstones. In their conversations, recorded in Michael’s first book, Gifts of the Gemstone Guardians, the Guardians unveiled a new field of energy medicine—one that uses the energy emanated by gemstone spheres to heal, nourish, and illuminate all aspects of our lives.

    Shortly after the book was published, Michael set about establishing Gemisphere. His vision was to create a three-fold organization: a publishing house devoted exclusively to works on gemstone energy medicine; an education arm to train both healthcare practitioners and at-home users of gemstones; and a gemstone collection to provide people with a reliable source of therapeutic gemstones. 

    Since those early days, Gemisphere has grown greatly. With readers and customers in over 40 countries, Gemisphere is now the world’s leading resource for therapeutic gemstones and information on how to use them. 

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