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Therapeutic Gemstones for Healing & Transformation

Crystal healing Citrine necklace known for letting go of what no longer serves you

Established 1988

Leader in Gemstone Energy Medicine for 35+ Years

Therapeutic gemstones are powerful natural tools for healing and transformation. These gifts from the Earth awaken our inherent capacity to heal and thrive in body, mind, and spirit.

Gemisphere is dedicated to offering only therapeutic quality gemstones and educational support on how these extraordinary gems can support your wellness journey. 

Our Story

Gemstone Tips

How to Choose Therapeutic Gemstones

With so many gemstone necklaces and tools to select from, how do you choose the best ones for you? The good news: it’s impossible to make a wrong choice. When used properly, every Gemisphere therapeutic gemstone can bring uplifting benefits.

Tips for Choosing
Crystal healing Yellow Sapphire gemstone necklace known for supporting skin and gastrointestinal health

How to Use Therapeutic Gemstones

Enjoying the benefits of therapeutic gemstones is exceptionally easy. Discover how to enhance the power of your therapeutic gems by using them with awareness, openness, and a clear intent.

How to Use
Gemstone Care

How to Care for Your Gemstones

Therapeutic gemstones release energetic impurities and blockages, which can accumulate on their surface over time, hindering their effectiveness. Regular cleansing removes these energies, restoring the gems to their vibrant state.

Gemstone Care

Customers Share Their Experiences

“The quality and the beauty of each gem, combined with the energy of love from the amazing people who create these necklaces, is felt every day I use these healing tools. I feel such a difference when wearing a Gemisphere necklace.”

—C.C., Houston, Texas

“I just purchased my seventh Gemisphere necklace. Thank you, Gemisphere, for providing these wondrous necklaces. I very much doubt I would be where I am today if it were not for these gifts from the Earth. You and the gemstones have my utmost gratitude.”

—J.F., Missouri 

“This is indeed the therapy of the future. Therapeutic gemstone spheres have the most powerful therapeutic effect I have ever experienced in my life.”

—Lourdes Rabago, C.M.TPharmacist

“It is my belief that gemstone energy medicine will, in the near future, develop into an art and science that can stand equal with homeopathy and acupuncture as a major contribution to the field of energy medicine.”

—Gary N. Klepper, D.C., N.D.

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