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    Therapeutic gemstones are wearable energy medicine tools that help uplift the health of your body, mind, and spirit—gently and naturally.


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    Gemisphere White Flash Moonstone

    5 Ways to Boost Your Anti-Aging Regimen

    Slowing or even reversing the negative effects of aging is no longer the stuff of wishful thinking. Here are some simple steps and therapeutic gems you can use to increase your “health span” and look and feel younger right now.

    April 20, 2022 by Katherine Hall

    Which Category of Rhodonite Is Best for me?

    Unlike most therapeutic gems, Rhodonite is divided into five basic categories. Each category has a different ratio of colors, and each offers different therapeutic effects. Find the Rhodonite category that's best for you. 
    April 04, 2022 by Katherine Hall

    Lavender and the Power of Alignment

    Imagine how much your life would improve if you were more aligned in all ways—aligned with your greater purpose, with the people around you, between your mind, body, and emotions, and within your chakras. That is the gift of Lavender. 
    March 20, 2022 by Michelle Smith