Color rays are the most fundamental building blocks of all living things. Just as visible light is comprised of all the colors of the rainbow, so is the life force—the force that enlivens, sustains, and nourishes everything that lives. We human beings are manifestations of this vital force. Thus, at the deepest level we too are made up of spectrums of color rays.

Color Ray Gemstones

Each color ray has a specific purpose, and all color rays are essential for life. Being continually supplied with and nourished by a proper balance of color rays is essential to every aspect of health. In an optimally healthy person, all colors are present in balance. Any deviation from that balance moves a person away from ideal health and an optimal expression of life—and will ultimately lead to disease and disharmony.

Certain special gemstones can help us correct such color-ray imbalances and begin to help us heal and grow in the deepest way possible.

The Color Ray Gemstones

All therapeutic gems embody intense concentrations of energy. They help remove obstructions to the flow of life force in our bodies and being. Nine of these gemstones also serve another, very special function: each of them carries one of the color rays of the life force. Embodied in the crystalline matrix of each of these gems is the pure and highly concentrated vibration of a certain color ray.

Because the color rays themselves are not physically tangible, it is difficult to work with them directly in their pure form. The gemstones that carry the color rays solve this problem. They are the Earth's most powerful tools available for drawing the color rays from their origins through one's inner dimensions, or subtle bodies, to the physical body. Indeed, these gemstones are the Earth's premier color healing tools. 

Each of these gemstones not only contains the concentrated energy of a certain color ray; each also acts as a magnet to continuously draw a current of that color to the physical plane from its unlimited source, the pure life force that lies at the basis of all life. When you wear a necklace of a color ray gemstone, you effectively step into the current of color that the gemstone draws to itself.

As this current moves through your subtle bodies to your physical body, any blockages in your being associated with that color ray are washed away in the current. For example, when you wear a therapeutic Emerald necklace, your entire being is flooded with the green color ray. The green ray helps neutralize the disharmonies that cause physical disease, particularly those centered in the organs. As blockages to the green ray dissolve, any excess of green ray in the body and aura is relieved, and any deficiency of green is filled by the abundant influx of green ray.

Through this mechanism, wearing a color-ray gemstone necklace can have profound implications for one's life and health at the deepest levels.

Healing the Physical Body with Color

Each color ray is particularly healing and nourishing to a certain system in the physical body. For this reason, one can greatly benefit a particular system by wearing its corresponding color ray necklace. For example, the red ray nourishes and supports the muscles, tendons, and fascia. Consequently, wearing Ruby can help strengthen these parts and resolve certain conditions related to them.

The following chart lists the color rays, the color ray gemstones, and the physical systems that are nourished and supported by each color ray. Also listed are the combination necklaces that offer the benefits of each color ray gem, though to a milder degree.

Color Ray Gemstone  Physical System 


Purple Ray

Nerve cells 


Indigo  Indigo Skeletal system (bones, 

ligaments, joints, and cartilage)


Blue Sapphire 

Lavender Fire

Vascular system 

Nerve sheaths
Cerebrospinal fluid
Sense organs




Organs in the torso


Yellow Sapphire

Solar Light

(see also: Citrine)

Organs of elimination (skin, 

bladder, urinary tract, kidneys,
intestines, and eliminative
aspects of the liver)

Orange Carnelian 

Immune system
Lymphatic system
Soft connective tissue
Endocrine system (glands)
Adipose tissue (fat)



Ruby Dream

Muscular system (muscles, 

tendons, and fascia)

Pink Pink Sapphire All cells
White White Beryl

Lymphatic system

Constitutional strength

*Note that the brain, which serves many functions, is associated with several color rays. 

Therapeutic gemstones are jewels of multidimensional healing and transformation—gifts from the Earth waiting to be opened. To enjoy these gifts, we need only know how to unwrap and use them; yet, doing so can be a very simple matter. By shaping therapeutic gems into spheres and stringing them into necklaces, we can tap their vast healing potential and reap their far-reaching therapeutic benefits.


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