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    Gemstone Energy Medicine: Healing Body, Mind and Spirit

    By Michael Katz

    Gem therapy comes of age in this influential and entertaining book. Michael Katz, Gemisphere founder and leading authority on therapeutic gems, presents breakthrough discoveries on how anyone can use gemstones to transform their health on all levels.

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    Wisdom of the Gemstone Guardians

    By Michael Katz

    This is the book that started it all. It is the true account of the Michael Katz’s conversations with the Gemstone Guardians—the inner-world beings responsible for fulfilling the purpose and maintaining the effects of gemstones everywhere.

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    Aquamarine Water: Fountain of Youthful Vitality

    By Michael Katz

    Learn how to infuse the energy of therapeutic Aquamarine into drinking water to bring the gem’s anti-aging benefits to every cell of your body. This FREE 34-page booklet provides step-by-step instructions for how to make and drink the resulting Aquamarine Water.

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    QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE: Therapeutic Gemstones for 300 Common Conditions and Goals


    Our FREE 56-page guide recommends therapeutic gemstones for a wide variety of conditions and goals. Easy-to-use charts simplify the process of choosing gemstones for yourself and others.

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