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Article: How I Met Dr. Hazel, Learned to Love Gems, and Stopped Having Grand Mal Seizures

How I Met Dr. Hazel, Learned to Love Gems, and Stopped Having Grand Mal Seizures


Sydney Songer, HWP, CCA, CCHT, CLC

My name is Sydney Songer. I’m a Holistic Wellness Practitioner, College Instructor, and Gemstone Energy Medicine Education Specialist. I have teamed up with Gemisphere to offer free 30-minute consultations to help answer your advanced gemstone questions and help you create the most effective at-home protocols for using your gemstone energy tools in your lives.

Many of you have wanted to know more about how I got involved in gemstone energy medicine, how I found Gemisphere, and, more importantly, where I received my training on how to use these powerful tools in my professional practice. And so I’d like to share with you my story and how all of this came to be.

First, it’s important to note that I am a very intuitive person. And while I do not give readings, the information I receive helps me navigate sessions with my clients and make sure they are getting the most effective treatment I can give or recommend to them.

I have been working in healthcare for 16 years and have been in my private holistic practice for 11. In the early years of working in the more mainstream, allopathic world of healthcare, I became frustrated with my inability to meet all of my patients’ needs. Sure, conventional medicine and therapies can be helpful, but I began to notice an unhelpful pattern throughout all the offices and facilities in which I had worked.

I found there was a major disconnect between how the patients’ mind, body, and spirit were being treated. These are all part of the same whole, and yet the mind and spirit were almost always excluded from consideration. We are powerful energetic beings. Inherent within us is a vast wisdom that not only creates and maintains life but also allows us to heal ourselves! Yet in our chaotic world we have become detached from nature and from this internal wisdom. This detachment is where disease comes in, and it was not being addressed.

In my personal life, I had my own physical issues that also never seemed to be addressed properly. I have been epileptic since I was three years old, a condition that medication failed to control. I also suffered from chronic pain following a car accident in my late teens. I had joint and tissue damage throughout my body, as well as brain trauma and severe neck and pelvic dysfunction. Conventional medicine left me so drugged up, I could barely remember my own name.  And so I began to search for new answers. I studied a wide range of healing modalities: nutrition and healthy diet, meditation and mindfulness, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, hypnotherapy, essential oils, auriculotherapy, reflexology, reiki, and more. Thus began my personal and professional journey to find the best ways to support the mind, body, and spirit in healing both myself and my clients.

A Mixed Blessing

Every little kid wishes they had superpowers. They don capes and costumes, fly around the front yard, and shoot bugs with invisible laser beams. They dream about magical and fantastical scenarios, which society labels as fiction or delusions.

Being born with an array of psychic tendencies does not help this childhood scenario once the “fiction reviews” come rolling in. As a child you don’t know that your experience of the world is not something other people are aware of, and once you do, it’s a heavy and confusing reality to comprehend. You go from wishing you could fly to wishing you could trade in your version of a superpower for anonymity or normalcy. Enter chaos stage left. 

I experienced many weird things in life that seem normal to me now: seeing spirits, dreaming about future events and then watching them unfold, witnessing the shifting energy patterns of a person’s subtle-energy bodies, even hearing people’s thoughts and emotions. But one thing I feared was gemstones.

Now, to be clear, this was not a random or superstitious fear. It was a fear born out of respect. I understood that I was too sensitive to gemstones’ strong energies and I respected the raw power innately stored within them. As a child I would always beg for a bag of tumbled “rocks” in gift shops because they felt like magic. But as an adult I felt out of control when I was anywhere near them. I felt as if I were sticking my finger into a light socket and waiting to pass out from the voltage.

Wondering if my reactions stemmed from the type of gems I was using, I tried all kinds of variations: raw gems, tumbled gems, carved gems. I desperately wanted to feel “blissed” out like all the people I saw surrounding themselves with crystals and dreamcatchers. But I would simply and literally lock up when I tried to use them.

Once, during a reiki session, someone set a huge Quartz crystal on my chest without warning me and sent me into convulsions. My back arched and my arms and legs curled as if I were having a seizure. As someone who actually has epilepsy, I was less than thrilled. Another instance occurred in a store, when a woman handed me a giant raw chunk of fluorite and my hand locked around it. She had to literally pry my fingers off of it. So I gave up. After all, it takes all kinds, right? Maybe gems were not my kind.

Gemstones Make Another Entrance

Fast forward through a series of unfortunate events that had left me psychically, emotionally, and spiritually a little rough around the edges and somewhat desperate for a profound healing experience. I had dismantled my life and was attempting to start from scratch. That’s when gemstones decided to make another entrance.

I found myself leaving San Diego and driving through the desert. I was on my way to a nudist resort in Phoenix, Arizona, to visit my parents. Yes, there is a story there, but that’s (perhaps) for another time. Much too vivid for an introduction blog. Just so…so very vivid…

Anyway, there I was in the desert questioning my life choices and decision-making skills, when I heard a very clear voice say, “You have to go to Phoenix.” You see, I had made an agreement with the Universe just a week before. From now on, I would stop fighting its “flow” and do what it told me without argument. The first thing it told me was to go to a nudist resort in the desert in June. Sigh. Alright, alright... So there was obviously something I needed to learn or do in Phoenix.

Instead, I met and fell in love with a naturopathic physician and about two weeks later I was a Phoenix resident. One day my partner asked me to go with them to Sedona, where they were assisting in a workshop on gemstone energy medicine. They explained that one of their medical school mentors was teaching this workshop and was a total “wizard” when it came to nature cure and energy medicine. They thought the whole gig would be right up my alley. I kindly let them know I had no interest in the woo-woo gemstone workshop madness, but I would love to roam around Sedona.

After the first day of class, my partner returned to our hotel room with a small collection of smooth, round gemstones that I had never seen before. I was pretty confused as to why they looked like marbles, but after having my behind handed to me so many times, I was no longer open-minded about gems. So I huffed and puffed as they tried to talk me into letting them use some gems on me.

Our romance was still new enough that their cuteness was sufficient bribery. They talked me into putting a couple of small Poppy Jasper gems on the bottoms of my feet as an experiment.

Suddenly I realized there were vines slowly crawling up my legs and making their way over my entire body. Not scary vines, but an undeniable Earth energy that was essentially and quite vividly infusing my physical body with pure energy.


Good news was it wasn’t a bad experience. Bad news was I was not going to be able to sleep anytime soon.

With my eyes closed, I started to settle into the experience and was enjoying the energy, and feeling proud of my open-mindedness. Next thing I knew, my partner was waving a cluster of Quartz spheres over my chest (seems to be a thing for me….). I immediately felt my solar plexus flex in and then expand out 10 feet in every direction. I found myself spinning through various dimensions of both myself and the world in a way that I can only assume would get a rave fiction review were I to ever adequately describe it. (All the while I’m thinking, “Why does it always have to be gemstones??”)

And SNAP! I was back—except for the fact that I was sure there was a gaping hole in my chest extending down to the core of the Earth. I was literally afraid to look down. No big deal. Totally normal.

“Honey, is there a hole in my chest?” They immediately froze, wide-eyed and slightly panicked. “Uh….no? Maybe? I don’t know what that means. Did I break you? I think it would be best if you meet Dr. Hazel tomorrow. She will know what to do with you, because I sure don’t,” they said, slowly putting away the Quartz spheres and backing up from me like I was a live grenade.

Now, I always try to allow my experiences to be whatever they are and not negate them, but I have to say this experience shook me. Like, picked me up by my pinky toes and swung me around like a helicopter shook me. I was admittedly unsure how I felt about the whole thing, but I absolutely could not deny the power in these gems. I also sensed there was something different about them. They felt more intentional, more controlled. The language I heard from them was more familiar in a way. I could literally hear them talking. I wondered: Do they talk? Is that a thing? Am I officially schizophrenic? These were all what I felt to be legitimate questions.

I felt my curiosity starting to wrestle with my animosity. If there was a way to intentionally focus the energy of gemstones so the delivery wasn’t so chaotic…well, that could potentially be my kind of thing.

The next day I went to Dr. Hazel’s house, where she was holding the workshop for naturopathic medical students. Arriving near the end of the class, I looked around and saw people with their feet in giant bowls of various round, smooth gems. Others were holding gems over other people, and still others had gems taped on various parts of their bodies. I was a little unsure of what rabbit hole I had walked into.

As I stood there observing, Dr. Hazel came into the room from the hallway and came to a halt with a surprised, “Well, hello! Welcome!” My partner briefly explained my experience with the Quartz the previous night and wondered if we should be worried. Dr. Hazel laughed and looked at me in a way that felt similar to when you go through the full-body X-ray machines at the airport and you know someone you don’t know is seeing parts of you that even you haven’t seen—except less awkward and intrusive, of course.

“Oh no,” I thought. “This woman can actually see me.” By this I mean the parts of me that I keep hidden for safekeeping--the psychic stuff that you don’t go waving around in public. (There is an etiquette rule similar to this at the nudist camp, but again that’s a story for another time.)  “Hmm,” she said still staring. “I see. You’re a special kind of creature, aren’t you?” I’ve been called worse.

I rode with Dr. Hazel and my partner to a restaurant after the workshop and listened to them talk in the front seat. Suddenly I heard Dr. Hazel say, “So when the chunk of Rose Quartz was trying to tell me the secrets of the Universe…“ Welp, that answered the “Do they talk?” question. I figured I should pay attention.

But What About My Seizures?

Dr. Hazel would go on to become a mentor at the behest of my partner, who was searching for answers regarding my seizures. They recognized that I needed to be seen and taught by someone who not only understood my unique gifts but would consider them in relation to my health and not as a mental disease. (Details, details…)

One day Dr. Hazel asked me to come to her office, as she had a gift for me. Now, she had already proven to me that she was not only an exceptional doctor, but also incredibly advanced in the realm of energy work and subtle-body medicine. Therefore, when she handed me a small white round gemstone half the size of a pea, I was only partly skeptical.

The gem was Mother of Pearl. I was to learn that it nurtures and cradles the nervous system like a mother rocking her restless child to sleep. I was willing to try anything if it meant freedom from my seizures. She instructed me to tape it onto a specific spot on my sternum, known as a “system window.” This was basically an acupuncture point that is integral to the nervous system and can send calming messages quickly throughout the body. The first night I tried it, I fell fast asleep within two minutes, sleeping harder and deeper than I had in years. It was AMAZING!

The big test, of course, would be what the gemstone would do for the seizures. One day I began to experience an aura that meant a grand mal was coming. Before I lost consciousness, I managed to get the Mother of Pearl on my chest. I laid on the ground, waiting to fall all the way into the seizure. But instead of darkness, I felt my mind pulling back and slowly becoming clearer and more alert. The seizure had completely reversed itself!

I could not believe what I had just experienced. Because I didn't want to get my hopes up, I figured it was a fluke. But two more averted grand mal seizures later, I was as hooked as you can get. I’ve been wearing a Mother of Pearl necklace for six years now. In that time, I have had only one seizure—during a 104 fever and ironically about 10 minutes after I had taken off my necklace. What can I say, I was feverish and not thinking clearly!

I Had Found the Right Teachers

It took a pea-sized gemstone to renew my interest in gemstones and help me shake away my apprehension and doubt. Now I wanted to know everything. Like most modalities, knowledge of how to use its healing tools safely and effectively is of utmost importance, as is the quality of the tools. I finally felt I had the right teacher for the job.

Over the next few years, Dr. Hazel and I became good friends, and she taught me more and more about different gemstones and their applications. She encouraged me to listen to the gems and allow my own abilities to create an almost symbiotic flow of information. I learned that gemstones are both ancient and wise. I also learned they have their own guardians that watch over them and help guide humanity’s hands in their use.

Most importantly, I learned that the job of gemstones is not to do the healing for us. They are our teachers. They remind us of what we are capable of doing for ourselves. They mirror our imbalances and act as temporary training wheels until we regain our strength.

I began using gemstones in my private practice and saw incredible results—emotional releases and transformations, physical healing, and spiritual growth beyond anything I had ever expected. What was most amazing to me back then and still to this day is the gemstones’ guidance. They would tell me what to do next; I just had to be willing to listen. I would hear them yelling at me from the other room to use a specific gem. If I ignored it, the yelling would get louder until I finally gave in. The result was always immediately evident.

If you had told me six years ago that part of my daily life would involve gemstones, I would have laughed at you. Wearing and using them now is as normal as putting on clothes or taking vitamins. They have become guests in my home and guides in my life. So here I am today, working in collaboration with Gemisphere, brought together through lifetimes of karma and a compulsion to teach others and try to bring some light into this often-chaotic world. I hope to reach out in all directions and create a community of people devoted to living their healthiest and happiest lives while also helping others do the same.

How You Can Meet Dr. Hazel

Now you have the opportunity to learn from Dr. Hazel as well. Gemisphere and she are hosting a Practitioner Seminar at Carson Hot Springs, in Washington State, on February 21–23, 2020. This is a unique opportunity to learn from one of the most talented physicians I know and one of the leading researchers and experts on the clinical application of gemstone energy medicine.

Learn more and see a video of me talking about my experiences here. Or call Gemisphere at 800.727.8877 to speak with a Gem Advisor.

Or get in touch with me directly by scheduling a phone consultation with me here.


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