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Article: Staff Tips: 9 Ways to Use Quartz

Gem Tips

Staff Tips: 9 Ways to Use Quartz

These days at Gemisphere we are more grateful than ever for Quartz’s ability to help us maintain and restore our balance and energy. This healing gemstone's balancing effects make it a great “starter” necklace. But once you’ve gotten started with a Quartz necklace, there’s virtually no limit to the ways you can use it to boost your energy, restore your equilibrium, and improve your health. In fact, Quartz may be the closest thing to a universal gemstone remedy that the Earth provides.
Below, the Gemisphere team shares some of the many ways you can use and benefit from this versatile therapeutic gemstone necklace. 

First Aid Gem for Stress

1. “I got this.”: One team member loves Quartz for the long days when she has to juggle many things at once. Right now, that might mean working at home while also parenting, cleaning house, prepping meals, and checking in on faraway loved ones—along with the curve balls that always seem to appear on busy days. “When everything seems overwhelming and I just have to perform, Quartz makes me feel, ‘I got this.’”  

2. Energy boost: Another team member says, “Whenever you’re feeling sluggish, depleted, or generally low on energy, a Quartz necklace will draw a steady, balancing stream of life energy to your body.” 

3. Staying balanced in a stressful environment: Quartz can help you maintain your balance (or regain it) when you're in an environment with many scattered or discordant energies. That might be an airport or an office where tensions are high, or it could be your own kitchen at the end of a long day! Wearing Quartz can help you stay balanced and keep your energy up while all around you are feeling stressed out.

4. Relief for tension headaches: Another team member says, “When I feel like I’m getting a tension headache, I put on Quartz and the pressure goes away quite quickly. Or, when I’m just feeling pressured and pulled in too many directions at once, Quartz helps me get my balance back.” 

5. When you want to feel better fast: The team points out that a great advantage of Quartz as a therapeutic tool is that it’s fast-acting. We’ve heard from many—and experienced ourselves—that often within five minutes of wearing a Quartz necklace they notice a difference in their balance and energy.

    Rebalancing from Technology

    6. Soothing “screen eyes” and helping you sleep: The technology we’re exposed to every day can be hard on our bodies, especially our sense organs. After a day at the computer or staring at your phone, one team member suggests laying a Quartz necklace over your eyes for 10 to 20 minutes to relieve “screen eyes.” The gems’ soothing energy is relaxing and can ease you into sleep.

    7. Calming a cell phone-weary ear: When your ear is feeling sensitive from cell phone or earbud irritation, the team suggests holding a Quartz necklace over the area for 15 to 20 minutes. Several people have told us it helped soothe an aching ear.

    The Chakras’ Best Friend

    8. Balancing your chakras: There’s probably no better tool for quickly balancing your chakras than Quartz. If you sense that any of your chakras are stressed or out of balance, team members suggest placing a Quartz necklace on the chakra for 10 to 30 minutes to help bring it back into balance. Quartz chakra treatments can be profound and fast-acting. View instructions for a Quartz chakra therapy.

    9. A one-two boost for chakras: One Gem Advisor especially likes combining Quartz with Lavender for chakra healing. He wears a Lavender necklace and then places Quartz directly on an ailing chakra. The Lavender helps align all the chakras, improving energy flow to and between them, while the Quartz draws additional, balancing life force directly to the chakra.

    Questions about Quartz? Our Gemstone Advisors are happy to help! Simply call us at 800.727.8877. 

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