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    Which Category of Rhodonite Is Best for me?

    March 28, 2023 by Katherine Hall
    Tags: Gem Tips

    Wearing a therapeutic Rhodonite necklace can help you build emotional strength and stability. Rhodonite's calming and grounding energy eases anxiety and calms scattered or imbalanced emotions, so you may meet life's challenges with more grace and balance.

    Unlike most therapeutic gems, Rhodonite is divided into five basic categories. Each category has a different ratio of gemstone colors, and each offers different therapeutic effects.

    The four colors found in therapeutic Rhodonite—pink, black, white, and yellow—correspond to different mineral elements in the gems. These minerals combine in different ways to create the five categories of Rhodonite, each with its unique set of benefits.

    To choose which Rhodonite category best suits your needs, read about them below.

    Category 1

    In this category, the black element covers as much as 50 to 75 percent of each sphere. The spheres also contain enough well-defined pink areas to help you maintain a good emotional-physical connection. The pink is clearly visible, and some white and yellow may also be present.

    Who Should Wear It

    This category of Rhodonite is deeply grounding and therefore helpful if you are looking for support in stabilizing imbalanced, volatile, or out-of-control emotions.

    Category 2

    In this category, the black element covers 30 to 50 percent of each sphere. The remainder is predominantly pink with traces of white and yellow. This Rhodonite puts equal emphasis on grounding the emotions and rebuilding a new emotional foundation.

    Who Should Wear It

    Category 2 Rhodonite is useful for people who are emotionally strained and having difficulty maintaining their balance, but who can also afford to place some energy on starting to rebuild a new emotional foundation.

    Category 3

    This Rhodonite is predominately pink and contains 15 to 30 percent black. The pink element is brightest and richest in this category and brings healing energy to the emotions. The black element is still a significant force, but the emphasis on grounding isn't as strong as in Category 2.

    Who Should Wear It

    This Rhodonite is appropriate for those who are emotionally struggling, yet coping. It helps reestablish emotional stability as it rebuilds a better emotional foundation.

    Category 4

    The Rhodonite spheres in this category are also predominately pink but contain only 3 to 15 percent black. They display more white than yellow, and the white element is obvious to the eye. This category builds a strong bridge between the emotional and physical bodies, so that emotions can be expressed more fully and clearly. The white element helps stabilize the desirable emotions in the newly-developing emotional foundation. The yellow element dissolves whatever has been holding undesirable emotions in the old foundation. This category has just enough black to settle down unsteady emotions so that they can become established in the new foundation.

    Who Should Wear It

    Category 4 is recommended for people who are not currently overwhelmed by any emotions but who wish to make some significant changes in their emotional ways.

    Category 5

    In this category of Rhodonite, the spheres are almost entirely pink, with only occasional traces of black. Hence, it provides no additional ballast to the emotions. The amount of white and yellow can be similar to that of Category 4. In this category, these colors also support the new structure of the emotional foundation and keep it in place. The pink nurtures the emotions and maintains a strong connection between the physical and emotional bodies. This allows feelings to come through cleanly, purely, and with control.

    Who Should Wear It

    This Rhodonite is most appropriate for emotionally healthy people who wish to improve the emotional foundation they already have.

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    Note: Because the color of natural, therapeutic quality Rhodonite varies slightly, the colors shown in the photographs above may not exactly represent our current stock.