For Pets

Like people, our pets face a variety of issues that can be helped by therapeutic gemstones. Whether it’s soothing your pet’s separation anxiety, calming her hyperactivity, easing his joint pain, or enhancing your emotional bond, gems can offer support. Place the gems around your pet’s neck or on an ailing part of her body to focus the gems’ benefits there.

Bloodstone to support the pet’s immune system

Lavender to soothe pain, especially painful joints

Mother of Pearl for separation anxiety (great for “scaredy cats”)

Quartz for overall balance, healing support, and vitality

Onyx for grounding pets who are prone to hyperactivity

Rhodonite for the pet who could use emotional support and stability

Sodalight to enhance your connection with your pet

Roselle for emotional clearing and soothing

Carnelian for seasonal allergy relief

Citrine for digestive support

Summer for whole-body physical support

Dark Green Aventurine for stronger organs