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    Sun Peach

    Radiant Peace

    Radiate warmth, compassion, and peace | Ease mild depression or anxiety | Rejuvenate physically and emotionally


    The Sun Peach necklace liberates us from shadows and fears, creating space to regenerate and heal physically and emotionally. Read more

    Its energy creates a near-irresistible force of peace within your body and aura that also touches the people around you. The Peach Moonstone brings soothing calm to physical tissues, while Peach Morganite spurs an emotional release from old tension patterns. These two energies are carried on waves of radiant warmth from Sunstone. The orange-gold vibrations and coppery flecks of Sunstone’s light harmonize Sun Peach’s message of glowing peace and regeneration.



    Sun Peach necklaces contain Peach Moonstone, Peach Morganite, and Sunstone rondels.

    • Empower your ability to radiate warmth, compassion, and peace
    • Experience more self-confidence and vitality
    • Strengthen, tone, and support the flow of energy to your physical body from the supraphysical and emotional realms
    • Ease muscle tension
    • Ease emotional tension
    • Experience a sense of greater space and radiance inside your body
    • Encourage others to respond positively to you
    • Support healing when chronic stress is preventing physical regeneration


    Prices are based on quality, size, and length.

    Fine Quality

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    Very Fine Quality

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    Exquisite Quality

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    Tips for Choosing

    Only the finest quality, pure gems yield the therapeutic results we expect from gemstone energy medicine. The higher a gem’s quality, the more therapeutically powerful it is. As a gem rises in quality, its therapeutic potency often increases far more than its price. Going up even one level of quality can deliver many times more therapeutic power.

    Next to quality, the most important factor in determining a gemstone’s therapeutic power is mass. Quality being equal, larger gems are more potent than smaller ones. If your neck is sensitive to weight, consider wearing somewhat smaller gems. Children usually require shorter necklaces and smaller gems.

    Quality and gem size being equal, longer necklaces are more therapeutically potent than shorter ones because they contain more gemstone mass. Consider your comfort when choosing; for example, shorter people may prefer wearing shorter necklaces. If you wish to wear more than one necklace simultaneously, ideally they should be of different lengths. All necklaces 23 inches or shorter contain a 14K gold clasp; longer necklaces have no clasp.

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    When to Use

    You Are Experiencing

    • A lack of inner peace
    • A sense of constriction and limitation
    • An unwanted pattern of chronic stress
    • Mild depression
    • Mild anxiety
    • Inability to release and let go of old hurts
    • A hormonal deficiency or imbalance
    • Poor posture patterns caused by chronic tension and stress
    • Sluggish lymphatic circulation

    You Want to

    • Empower your ability to radiate warmth, compassion, and peace
    • Experience more self-confidence and vitality
    • Strengthen, tone, and support the flow of energy to your physical body from the supraphysical and emotional realms
    • Ease muscle tension
    • Ease emotional tension
    • Experience a sense of greater space and radiance inside your body
    • Encourage others to respond positively to you
    • Support healing when chronic stress is preventing physical regeneration

    Sun Peach creates a near-irresistible force of peace within your body and aura, affecting both your own experience and that of others who encounter you. Peach Moonstone, Sunstone, and Peach Morganite combine to provide a healing mixture of soothing energies, dynamic warmth and upliftment, and a strong encouragement to find emotional freedom from old restrictions and tension patterns.

    All kinds of experiences can create patterns of tension in the physical body and energy field. Even little irritations and fears can build up over time. These patterns limit the flow of life force through your emotional and physical bodies, and can lead to a wide variety of physical and emotional health issues.

    Sun Peach is a soothing antidote to these residues of the slings and arrows of fate. Like lying down on a beach on a gentle summer morning, Sun Peach helps melt away the accumulations of these tension patterns. The radiant warmth of its energy encourages you to release even the subconscious fears holding you back from the experience of life you want.

    Sun Peach brings strong waves of harmonizing energy to support experiences of peace and freedom in your body and emotions. As these waves work to open, strengthen, and tone the flow of energy to your body, healing work can become deeper. Thus, Sun Peach supports both the restoration of physical tissue and the regeneration of the spirit.

    Over days of consistent wear, Sun Peach will heighten the presence, power, and radiance of your own soul throughout your being. At the same time, it will allow you to radiate the peace, warmth, and presence of your soul to others. Consequently, Sun Peach can be of special assistance to those who are providing the gifts of healing, compassion, and inspiration to others.

    Peach Moonstone

    In Sun Peach, the Peach Moonstone dispels the energetic barriers and resistance created by stress and fear. The Moonstone’s gentle, peaceful energy soothes the supraphysical and physical membranes, fascia, and all tissues. Thus, it can help ease muscle tension and poor posture patterns caused by chronic tension and stress. Its message of harmony also supports the regulation of glands, hormones, and neurotransmitters, particularly in systems that have been disrupted by chronic stress.

    Comparing Sun Peach and Solid Peach Moonstone

    Because of its gemstone synergies, the action of the Sun Peach necklace is more dynamic and stronger than a solid Peach Moonstone necklace. Sun Peach affects more layers of the subtle and physical bodies at a faster rate and has a more profound effect on the aura as a whole.


    The Sunstone in the necklace opens us more deeply to the Moonstone’s soothing and regulating touch.

    Sunstone’s warm, bright light also circulates the peace and wellbeing of our soul throughout our being. Just as the night gives way to the sunlight at dawn, our dark days and dark emotions are temporary cycles of experience that easily melt away in the light of our own soul. Even in the darkest hours, our sun is always just over the horizon, and even in the worst weather, it is still behind the clouds. Likewise, our soul’s power and peace remain ever-present and available to us—if only we can relax, trust, and open up to its truth. Wearing Sun Peach reminds us that we are safe in the light of our soul and that everything will be okay in the end.

    Peach Morganite

    The Peach Morganite in the Sun Peach ensures that the emotional body also releases tension and experiences a deeper sense of peace. As the combined action of the Sunstone and Peach Moonstone radiate through the subtle bodies, Peach Morganite directs these effects to the emotional-body areas that have been made tight and closed off through fear or sadness.

    Sun Peach necklaces contain therapeutic-quality Peach Moonstone, Sunstone, and Peach Morganite.

    Peach Moonstone

    Therapeutic-quality Peach Moonstone ranges in color from pale-peach to a darker orange-peach. Most gems display an optical quality called adularescence—that is, a shimmery luster or milky glow that appears to move as the stone is turned. The more surface area the flash covers, the more potent the gem is.

    Cracks and inclusions hinder Moonstone’s effectiveness and should be either absent or very minimal. Black or other colored opaque spots void Moonstone’s energy in an area many times the size of the spot itself. A necklace with many spots might even be harmful to the wearer’s supraphysical fabric.

    Gemisphere’s Peach Moonstone is completely natural and free from treatment of any kind.


    Gemisphere’s very special Sunstone is a vibrant orange-gold with excellent translucence. It displays a glittering, light-catching sparkle known as aventuresence, which is created by flecks of copper and hematite in the feldspar gem. This sparkle can be seen when the stones are turned in the light.

    Gemisphere’s natural Sunstone is from Tanzania and is not treated or artificially enhanced in any way.

    Peach Morganite

    Therapeutic-quality Peach Morganite is clear, with minimal clouds and inclusions. The gems are therapeutically effective in a wide range of color density: darker-peach Morganite will be stronger and work more quickly; lighter Morganite will have gentler effects.

    Gemisphere’s Peach Morganite is completely free of all treatments, such as heat treatment, that could diminish its therapeutic quality and effectiveness.

    Within moments of first putting on Sun Peach, I felt a sense of expansion and ease. It felt so good, I started to laugh. Like a loving caregiver or guardian angel, the gems seemed to be telling me, “You can relax and let go. I’ve got this. I’m taking care of this.” When I’m wearing Sun Peach, if I start to get a little tense or anxious, I feel a gentle inner reminder that I can relax—that all is well, and all will be well.

    C.T., New Jersey

    I gifted myself with a Sun Peach for my birthday. It is a powerful ally. Upon wearing it, I immediately felt a tingling in my spine. Then a profound sense of peace came over me, and I felt confident about a lot of situations that were preoccupying me that day and thereafter. This is now my “emergency necklace” for when I need to feel clear and stress-resistant in order to make life-changing decisions.

    Thank you for this secret weapon. Great work!

    E.V., North Bend, Oregon

    Sun Peach has such a sweet, gentle energy. It truly feels like I am glowing from within when I wear it. The necklace also has a very present energy and lets me know that it’s there should I need it. It’s almost as if it is whispering, “It’s okay, don’t be too hard on yourself. Take your time.” I am so excited for the world to get to know this energy that I love so much!

    Maddie, Gemisphere Gem Advisor

    We’d love to hear about your experiences with this gemstone! Share your story here.

    Your experiences with therapeutic gemstones can help and inspire others. Testimonials are also invaluable in designing research. Please share your story with us so that we can share them with the Gemisphere community.

    All identifying information will be kept strictly confidential. Only your initials, certification degree (if you are a healthcare practitioner), and state will be published.

    Thank you!

    Wear It Around Your Neck

    One of the most powerful and convenient ways to use a Sun Peach necklace is to wear it around your neck. There the gems will silently work for you as you go about your day. At night while you are sleeping, you can wear the necklace or keep it within three feet of your body to maintain your connection with the gems.

    Be aware that the stimulating nature of Sun Peach can keep some people awake, while others will find it soothing and restful.

    Focused Treatments

    In addition to wearing a Sun Peach necklace around your neck, you can use it for more focused treatments. The simplest treatment is to place it on a specific area of your body to focus its healing energies there. For example, you can curl up the necklace and place it on a tight, cold, or congested area to warm the area and accelerate its relaxation and circulation.

    Tension and Congestion Release
    You can also perform this simple technique to unwind tension and congestion in any area of the body. With the Sun Peach necklace bunched in your hand, hold it a foot or two above the ailing area and slowly circle the gems. Be sensitive to how your body wants you to move the gems, and follow your intuition. You may find that your body wants you to change the direction or distance of your movements several times, or not at all. Continue circling the gems for several minutes. If you feel your body drawing the gems to the ailing area, you may place the gems there for as long as it feels comfortable. 

    Time Guidelines

    To reap the most benefits from Sun Peach, it is best to wear it continually or keep it within three feet of your body at all times. This will maintain a constant supply of its energy in your aura. However, it is always wise to be sensitive to your body’s responses. If you start to feel a headache or significant discomfort, take the necklace off for a while. Then allow your body time to adjust to the changes initiated by the gems by wearing them for only an hour or two a day. Gradually increase this time until you can comfortably wear the gems for as long and often as you wish.

    Cleanse Sun Peach Regularly

    To maintain their effectiveness, therapeutic gemstones need regular care. As the gems help us release energetic impurities, some of these energies cling to the gems’ surface and inhibit their ability to work at their peak capacity. A simple energetic cleansing will clear these energies and restore the gems to their naturally vibrant state. You can use any of following methods to cleanse your Sun Peach necklace. Learn more about these methods.

    Water Rinse: Rinsing is the ideal method for cleansing Sun Peach on a daily basis. Every day of wear, or after performing a focused treatment, rinse the gems in running water with some mild soap. Alternate between warm and cool water, rinsing for one or two minutes or longer. Changing the water temperature several times releases the energy patterns that may have accumulated on the surface of the gemstones.

    Plant Rejuvenation: Every day of wear, wrap the necklace around the base of a healthy houseplant or lay the necklace in its branches.

    Salt Bed: Every day of wear, lay the gems in a half-inch of salt for at least an hour or overnight. Place a thin natural-fiber cloth between the salt and the gems.

    Moonbath: Occasionally expose Sun Peach to moonlight and starlight overnight to increase the soothing energies of the Peach Moonstone.

    Avoid clay cleansing, which may dull the Peach Morganite’s polish.

    Avoid cleansing Sun Peach with a sunbath. Moonstone's shimmer is best seen in sunlight, and holding it outside in the sunshine for a short time to enjoy its beauty will do it no harm. Nor will wearing Moonstone in the sun harm it, since your aura will naturally protect the gems from the sun’s radiation. However, cleansing Moonstone in sunlight is not recommended, because the sun’s dehydrating energy would essentially evaporate the energy that Moonstone emits and that collects around the gems.

    More significantly, unprotected Moonstone tends to absorb the sun's radiation, which would then be released into your body and aura if you wore the gems afterward. Your supraphysical aura cannot protect your body from this phenomenon, as it does from direct sunlight. To avoid this, if your Moonstone has been exposed to sunlight for a few minutes, use a clay bath to cleanse it before wearing it again. If it has been exposed for a longer time and feels depleted, give it a clay bath and then regenerate it by placing it outside on the ground under dense foliage or an overhang of rocks, and cover it with a cloth to protect it further from the sunshine.

    When Your Necklace First Arrives

    When you put on a new necklace or one you haven’t worn for a while, bring it into your aura with consciousness and a clear intent. We call this “practicing presence.” By opening yourself to the gems’ energies and consciously cooperating with the process of change, you can greatly enhance the gemstones’ benefits.

    Learn more about how to use your new gems here.