Ruby Dream

Ruby Dream

Healing the Emotions
Ruby Dream is the perfect vehicle for fulfilling the mission of Ruby.

This combination of Ruby, Quartz, and Roselle offers all the therapeutic benefits of Ruby and the red ray while safeguarding the natural balance of color rays within you. In addition, Ruby Dream helps deepen your understanding of divine love and allows you to resolve love-related karma more swiftly and easily.

Ruby Dream necklaces contain RubyQuartz, and Roselle.

Ruby Dream can help you—

  • Experience Ruby’s benefits
  • Heal and open your heart chakra
  • Experience and express divine love
  • Be nourished by red ray
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Step 1:Select Gem Quality

The higher the number, the higher the gems’ therapeutic potency.

Step 2: Select Necklace

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When Ruby Dream Can Help

When you are experiencing— 

  • Apathy or disconnection from others
  • Wounds of the heart
  • Emotional exhaustion or congestion
  • Mild depression
  • A physical condition that is being fed or exacerbated by emotional issues
  • Tight or closed heart chakra

When you want to—

  • Become more emotionally alive, aware, and balanced
  • Open and develop your heart
  • Experience and express more divine love
  • Support the health of your muscular system, including your muscles, tendons, and fascia