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    Read our free downloadable booklet, Aquamarine Water: Fountain of Youthful Vitality, by Gemisphere founder Michael Katz.

    Using a simple technique, the energy of a therapeutic Aquamarine Necklace or Aquamarine Strand can be infused into drinking water to bring its profound anti-aging properties to every cell of your body. This 34-page booklet describes the rejuvenating benefits of Aquamarine Water and provides step-by-step instructions for how to make and drink it.

    Learn how to—

    • Energize the body’s anti-aging processes
    • Enhance the body’s anti-inflammatory processes 
    • Bring energetic support to conditions associated with hardening and crystallization
    • Increase fluidity, flexibility, and youthfulness

    Start reading now.

    Learn more about therapeutic Aquamarine Necklaces and Aquamarine Strands.

    "Regular use of Aquamarine Water has a most wonderfully relaxing effect on the physical body and an energizing and enlivening effect on the spirit. I have also found Aquamarine Water to be a particularly effective and safe treatment for problem areas throughout the body, especially around the joints and bones."

    —Patrick Weber, M.D.