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The Gemisphere Difference

At Gemisphere we pride ourselves on providing the finest therapeutic-quality gemstones on the planet. Our expertise and resources are unique. In fact, no other gemstone provider comes close. Nowhere will you find a company with such in-depth knowledge of gemstone energy medicine or such a wide array of choices guaranteed to meet high quality standards. We alone insist on this level of quality, and we alone deliver it.

We Go to the Source

We travel the world to find the finest therapeutic quality gemstones and, whenever possible, obtain our raw material directly from the mines. We carefully select each piece and extract the choicest portions to become our therapeutic tools. Then we precisely shape and polish each gem to ensure a smooth flow of its energy.

We Meticulously Prepare Each Necklace

Once the gemstones are cut and polished, we re-evaluate each sphere for its therapeutic value, rejecting any that don't meet our stringent standards. For many types of gemstones, we examine each gem under a microscope to eliminate any gems containing toxic contaminants. These contaminants destroy the therapeutic value of a necklace and can send harmful energies into the wearer’s body and energy field.

We also determine each gemstone’s therapeutic-quality category and then match each one with other compatible gems to form our necklaces—an important factor in creating a gem therapy tool with a harmonious and potent energy signature. We string all our gemstones on material that supports the flow of their energies, and we knot most necklaces between each gemstone to prevent loss. Finally, before leaving Gemisphere, we give each gem of every necklace a special Diamond treatment to prepare the gems to work most effectively for you.

Only Gemisphere goes to these lengths to ensure that all its gemstones meet the highest standards of therapeutic quality and effectiveness.

Learn more about how we evaluate therapeutic quality.

Our Unique Support Services

Gemisphere has a staff of highly trained Gemstone Advisors who can answer your questions about gemstone energy medicine and help you identify the gems that fit your unique situation. Simply call us with your questions at 800.727.8877, Monday through Friday, between 9 am and 5 pm Pacific Time. We’d love to talk with you!


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