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Green Tourmaline: Athletes Talk Results

"Since I started wearing my Green Tourmaline necklace, my endurance has noticeably increased, along with my confidence...."


"After three weeks of wearing Green Tourmaline, I started noticing positive changes in my person—not just physical, but mental changes too. When I wear it, I recover much faster after competitive events and workouts. This lets me shorten my breaks and get in more training time. I've started wearing Green Tourmaline 24 hours a day. My experiences tell me that anyone can benefit from the Green Tourmaline necklace—not just athletes."

Mark Foster, British Olympic Swimmer
Winner of 6 Gold Medals at the 2002/2003 FINA World Cup while wearing Green Tourmaline


"Since I began wearing Green Tourmaline, I have broken nine World Masters Records and won three World Championship titles. I believe I would not have broken these world records without the Green Tourmaline necklace. It gives me a lot of strength, and I recover faster from hard workouts. Curiously, it also gives me more sexual interest and power."

Glen Christiansen
Swedish Olympic Medalist


"I’m 48 years old and swim just about every day, so after seeing your Athlete’s Edge video, I decided to purchase a Green Tourmaline necklace. Within three weeks of wearing the gems, I added 10 laps to my daily swim and cut my time from 20 to 15 minutes. That’s 40 laps in 15 minutes! The increase in my power and intensity during swimming has been very noticeable. The same goes for my free-weight workouts.

"Wearing this necklace is amazing. I feel more centered and focused, and I even have a stronger sense of confidence, which came as a nice surprise when I needed to speak in front of a group at my school. I have a distinct feeling of being more grounded and balanced in my own body. It’s not a nervous or brute energy, but rather one of clarity and focus. I would recommend Green Tourmaline to any man seeking to reflect the highest qualities of the masculine experience."

L.N., New York


"The Green Tourmaline necklace has allowed me, both physically and mentally, to stay within my center of power and use what I have to the best of my ability. And that edge is something I can count on every day."

Tanner Eriksen, Former Pitcher, Arizona Diamondbacks


"I can’t say enough about the power of Green Tourmaline. I’ve been swimming in the ocean for exercise. Since I started wearing my Green Tourmaline necklace, my endurance has noticeably increased, along with my confidence. I’m now able to swim longer distances and as far as one-and-a-half miles. Wow!"

J.R, Fort Myers, Florida


"I've trained professional athletes, Olympic athletes, and celebrities. Because of Green Tourmaline's clear ability to enhance performance, I recommend the necklace to the athletes I train."

Adam Lerner, Professional & Olympic Trainer


"I recommend Green Tourmaline to all serious athletes who want to break their own time records and enhance their strength, endurance, and overall performance."

Art Dilworth, Triathlete, Professional & Olympic Trainer


"The two gemstones that have had the greatest influence in my personal and professional life are Rubelle and Green Tourmaline. My husband of over 23 years and I have been working with these two incredible resources for over three years now. We have experienced tremendous growth, not only in our relationship but in our business affairs and bank account. Three months after my husband started working with Green Tourmaline he was given a $50,000 per year salary increase.

"We are also marathon runners and have used Green Tourmaline in our training and our marathons. Green Tourmaline helped me run eight marathons in two years and three of them in a 10-week period."

Carol Tuttle, MRET, Carol Tuttle Healing Center, Sandy, UT


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