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How Opalight Helped Them Get a Good Night's Sleep

Opalight's calming effect can help you sleep, making it a gentle, natural aid for insomnia. Here, customers share stories of how Opalight helped them get a good night's sleep.


Of all the remedies I have tried, only Opalight allows me to enjoy a completely restful sleep. This experience has shown me that gemstones have profound effects and can produce powerful change in the body.

Dr. Lance Morris, Naturopathic Physician
Tucson, Arizona

Opalight is one of the necklaces that I use quite frequently. It helps me on nights when I have difficulty sleeping and seems to induce a deeper sleep. I have recommended this to a number of different people who have found it helpful for insomnia.

Patrick Weber, M.D.
Pine Ridge, South Dakota

For years, my mother has suffered from insomnia and often gets up in the night to read or do housework when she cannot stay asleep. A few months ago, after reading about Opalight’s help in treating insomnia, I brought her home an Opalight necklace. She kept it by her bedside on the nightstand each night. Soon after starting to do this, she reported enjoying deeper, more relaxing sleep and was able to sleep through a full night without waking up entirely.

Recently, my aunt gave birth to her first child, a little girl. She was excited about her daughter's arrival but exhausted by the baby's restless sleep patterns. As are many new parents, my aunt was drained and weary from lack of sleep, as she was up countless times throughout the night to soothe and feed the baby. My mom went to visit and provide some help and suggested that we buy the family another Opalight necklace as a gift.

When my mom arrived back home, she reported that both the baby and my aunt experienced deeper, more restorative sleep when the Opalight necklace was in their vicinity! My aunt wears it while feeding and rocking the baby, and the infant has been much less fussy and restless. My aunt wears the Opalight to bed at night and is definitely feeling more rested during the day. My entire family is excited about the relaxing properties of Opalight and how it has helped them rest.

A.F., Oregon

I have had recurrent insomnia for almost a year and was reluctant to continue using sleep aids. I had installed a fountain in the bedroom, used sleep-inducing music, and still could not fall asleep. I decided to try Opalight. I put on the necklace about three hours before I planned to go to sleep, and within less than 15 minutes, I felt so relaxed and content. About two hours later, I went to bed and promptly fell asleep, even with two dogs on my bed! This necklace is a true gift, and I am so grateful. Please treat yourself or someone you know to this special gemstone!

R.J., Anchorage, Alaska

I suffer from stress-related insomnia. I use my Opalight necklace in several ways. About an hour before bedtime, I wear it to start relaxing to be ready for sleep. I also wear it to get back to sleep on nights when my sleep is interrupted. Most nights I sleep with the necklace tucked in my pillowcase. I have the most interesting and pleasant dreams! This necklace has been an invaluable tool in getting a good night’s sleep.

 L.S., Penfield, New York


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