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  • Michael Katz

    Gemisphere Founder

    Michael Katz founded Gemisphere in 1988. The author of several books on the therapeutic use of gems, he is recognized by his thousands of readers as the world's leading authority on gemstone energy medicine. He has dedicated his life to promoting greater awareness of the healing and transformational benefits of therapeutic quality gemstones. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

    The Gemisphere Team

    Eleena Katz

    Creative Director

    Eleena has been a part of Gemisphere since she was 2 years old. As the daughter of Gemisphere Founder Michael Katz, she has a long history working with therapeutic gemstones. After living in many cities around the country, and receiving an education in Apparel Product Development, Psychology, and Graphic design, Eleena decided Portland and Gemisphere are her home. She is dedicated to uplifting, innovating, and supporting Gemisphere in its mission to supply the highest quality therapeutic gemstones to help make the world a happier, healthier place. 

    Christopher Dean

    Business and Operations Manager

    Christopher has a long background in managing small and mid-sized companies, and has a Masters Degree in Business Administration. He moved to Portland with his husband after living in NYC for 7 years while managing a landscaping & design firm in lower Manhattan. He enjoys wearing multiple hats and juggling many projects at once. Christopher is focused on many aspects of the company, including continuing the long history of amazing customer service and providing some of the most unique and highest quality gemstones in the world.

    Katherine Hall

    Senior Editor

    Katherine has helped oversee the development of Gemisphere’s educational and marketing publications since the company’s founding in 1988. She brings over 25 years of experience in information design, writing, editing, and project management to the creation and production of Gemisphere’s books, websites, education programs, and promotional material. She has a degree in Literature and has ghostwritten a New York Times bestselling book. Katherine remembers the day at nine years old that she held an Amethyst in her hand and knew there was much more to gemstones than meets the eye. She has loved gemstones and their healing magic ever since.

    Michelle Smith

    Education Coordinator and Customer Service Manager

    Originally from Nevada, Michelle moved to Portland in the summer of 2000 where she completed her undergraduate degree in Art: Art History from PSU. She has always been a bit of a “rock hound” and has collected minerals and rocks since childhood. Having always felt drawn to healing energies from nature, she was intrigued to discover Gemisphere and honored to be brought on as an Advisor in 2010. It is her pleasure to help people on their healing journey with the gems and she is grateful to be a part of the Gemisphere community.  

    Sharon Kirby

    Inventory Manager

    I originally hail from the Florida coast, where I spent many a day soaking up delicious rays of sun or going for long floats on the warm Gulf waves.  After receiving my MFA from the School of Visual Arts in NYC, I adventured my way out west to live in the fabled lush green of the Pacific Northwest.  Being a part of the Gemisphere team is such a special experience, and what a bonus that I get a chance to play with these precious gemstones on a daily basis!

    Favorite Color: Green

    Favorite Artists: Toulouse Lautrec, Cory Arcangel

    Favorite Gemstones: Agate, Onyx, Lapis

    Ryan Van Arsdale

    Gemstone Advisor

    Originally from southern California Ryan came to Portland to finish a Degree in Communication Studies. He has been drawn to gemstones and Minerals since he was young. Working at Gemisphere Ryan gets to combine his love of gemstones with talking to a diverse and wonderful group of likeminded people. Ryan's favorite Gemisphere necklace is the Mystic Warrior. He loves the strength and confidence it brings and the driving focus to become the best he can be. When Ryan is not talking about gemstones you can find him deep in the forest dancing with Pan.

    Madeline Partridge

    Repair Specialist

    Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Madeline is a fairly recent addition to the Gemisphere family. With an education in chemistry, Madeline was drawn to the idea of therapeutic gemstones and their energies. A lifelong rockhound, she feels blessed to be part of a community that has a deep interest in the high quality material that they wear. Her favorite gemstone to wear and work with is Carnelian. Outside of repairing necklaces, Madeline can be found playing French horn or taking part in the ancient Irish sport of camogie.