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Practicing Presence

By consciously cooperating with the process of change initiated by the gemstones, you can greatly enhance their effects. We call this practicing presence. Presence is the quality of being fully in the moment, when the mind is not divided by  thinking about other things.

To practice presence with therapeutic gemstones, introduce them to your body and aura with openness, gratitude, and the clear intent to experience the gems’ benefits. When you put on a new therapeutic necklace or one that you haven’t worn for a while, bring it into your aura with a brief procedure that will deepen your connection with it:

1. Hold the necklace in your hand and gaze at it for a few moments. Allow its color and energy to enter your being through your eyes. Drink in its essence.
2. Welcome the necklace’s energy. Open your heart and all aspects of yourself to the gemstones' energy. Acknowledge your willingness to change and to accept the process of healing and release.
3. Introduce the gemstones to your body by touching the necklace to three therapeutic windows for a few seconds each:
The navel
Acupuncture point SP 21 on the left side of your body only (at nipple level under the armpit)
Acupuncture point CV 21 (1.5 inches below the throat notch in the upper breastbone)
4. Hold the necklace directly in front of your chest at arm's length, and very slowly bring it to your heart. As you do, energetically breathe in the gemstones’ energy. Hold the gemstones on your heart for a moment, and let their energy penetrate even more deeply.
5. Place the necklace around your neck.
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