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Rubelle and Pink Tourmaline Necklace Therapy – Gynecological Health and Fertility Treatment

This therapy helps tone and heal a woman's reproductive organs by infusing them with Pink Tourmaline energy, the feminine ray, and several color rays. At the same time, it helps resolve the inner causes of physical disharmony in the reproductive system. This therapy can greatly assist women who are having difficulty conceiving.

You can use either a Rubelle or solid Pink Tourmaline necklace to perform this therapy.

Perform this treatment when you—

Are experiencing any disharmony associated with your reproductive organs, such as painful periods, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, absence of menses, or problems in menopause

Wish to improve your fertility, and your reproductive organs have no structural defects


Because of Pink Tourmaline's mission regarding women and its ability to radiate the feminine ray, Pink Tourmaline has particularly strong effects on a woman's reproductive organs. This therapy tones a woman's entire reproductive system and helps heal problems associated with it. Pink Tourmaline's energy affects both physical and inner disharmony and thereby addresses both the causes and effects of ailments associated with the reproductive system, such as uterine cramps or fibroids, ovarian cysts, irregular periods, and problems in menopause.

This Pink Tourmaline therapy can also greatly assist women who are having difficulty conceiving. Placing Pink Tourmaline directly on the skin unwinds the tensions and stresses contributing to infertility on a physical level. Yet the fundamental causes of infertility are often mental and emotional, as well as physical. This Pink Tourmaline therapy addresses the causes of infertility on all levels. Therefore, it can also help women who are infertile for apparently unknown or inexplicable reasons.


If you are using a Rubelle necklace for this procedure, fold it so that the necklace forms a circle of continuously-connected Pink Tourmaline.

1. Determine the following (if necessary, by consulting your physician):

  • The part of your reproductive system that is the focal point of the condition you wish to treat
  • The exact location of your uterus and ovaries

2. Mentally divide your reproductive system into three sections:

  • Left (left fallopian tube and ovary) 
  • Middle (uterus)
  • Right (right fallopian tube and ovary)

3. Lie down on your back. Ideally, position yourself so that your abdomen is exposed to direct sunlight, even if it is just the sunlight coming through an open window on a sunny or cloudy day.

If sunlight is not available, the effects of the treatment will be similar but not as strong.

4. Place the Pink Tourmaline necklace directly on your skin on the section that contains the focal point of the problem. Perform this step on three consecutive days, and then go to Step 5.

5. Place the Pink Tourmaline on a second section of your choosing. Perform this step on the fourth day.

6. Place the Pink Tourmaline on the third section. Perform this step on the fifth day.

7. Repeat Steps 3 - 6 twice.

Example: If you have identified the left ovary as the focal point, place the Pink Tourmaline on the left section for treatments on three consecutive days. On the fourth day, place the Tourmaline over the middle section, and on the fifth day place it over the right section. Then repeat the entire sequence two more times.

8. Repeat Steps 3 - 6 twice again, but now divide the number of treatments on each section more evenly: give three treatments to the focal-point section and two treatments to each of the other sections.

9. (Optional) Wear a Rubelle necklace around your neck between treatments for ongoing support. Do not wear a solid Pink Tourmaline necklace around your neck.

Infertility Note

This therapy can improve fertility only in women who possess all their reproductive organs. It cannot assist women who are infertile for structural reasons, such as the lack of a uterus or ovaries. 

Time Guidelines

This protocol takes a total of 29 days: Steps 3 - 7 take 15 days to complete, and Step 8 takes 14 days to complete.

When performing this treatment in sunlight, keep the Pink Tourmaline in place for 20 to 30 minutes per treatment. When performing it without sunlight or on cloudy days, keep it in place for about 60 minutes per treatment. Pink Tourmaline's energy is very strong; and the higher its quality, the stronger and more effective it is. Therefore, if you are using Exquisite-quality Pink Tourmaline, cut all treatment times in half.

If, at any time, you experience additional pain or discomfort, immediately remove the Pink Tourmaline. Then reapply it the next day, perhaps for a shorter period.

Alternative: Equal Time

If you do not know which area of your reproductive system is the focal point, or if all three sections are equally distressed, place the Pink Tourmaline over each section for the same number of treatments. For example, first place it over the left section for one treatment, then the middle section for one treatment, and then over the right section for one treatment. Repeat this sequence every three days. Perform this alternative version for 28 consecutive days.

Attempting Pregnancy

You can either start trying to become pregnant as soon as you begin practicing this therapy, or you can wait until you have been practicing it for one full treatment cycle of 28 or 29 days. Waiting for at least one treatment will provide time for physical changes to start taking place. Continue repeating the entire therapy until you get pregnant.

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