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Stones for Calming and Clearing the Nervous System

Place a Blue Lace Agate necklace along your spine to help ease pain and dissolve stress by calming your spinal and branching nerves and clearing them of unneeded energies.

Calming Gemstone Crystal Therapy

When you are experiencing any of the following—

  • Back pain
  • Nerve pain
  • Numbness in arms, hands, legs, or feet
  • Neuropathy
  • Anxiety
  • Post-traumatic stress
When you want to—
  • Clear cellular memories of past trauma
  • Calm the nervous system
  • Sooth tissue stuck in a fight/ flight response
  • Help heal nerve damage


    Ideally, your nervous system responds to a given situation to the precise degree required. An unhealthy nervous system will either overreact or not react strongly enough. Your nervous system learns how to respond, and to what degree, based on what it has learned from past similar situations. To do this, it naturally collects memories of events that have stimulated it. These memories manifest as waves that collect on your nerve cells in layers. The outermost layers correspond to events that occurred most recently. Deeper layers correspond to events farther in your past.

    When life events become overwhelming because they are too intense or frequent, too many waves accumulate on the nerve cells and compromise nerve health. The nerve cells become so heavily burdened that they either overreact, even to ordinary stimulation, or become less responsive or numb. Placing Blue Lace Agate along your spine is a way to calm your nervous system so it can: (1) organize and store meaningful memories that may help in the future, and (2) release needless memory waves that only clutter and overwhelm it.

    Nerves run from your brain down your spinal column. At each vertebra, your spinal nerves branch and smaller bundles of nerves extend to every organ and limb. Blue Lace Agate energy emanates from the gemstones in rhythmic pulses. When you apply Blue Lace Agate to your spine, this energy jiggles and loosens the layers of memory waves surrounding all of these nerve cells. This action is comparable to the effect of massage on muscle tissue—that is, relaxing, detoxifying, and soothing. As a result, layers of accumulated memories are loosened, the unimportant ones are sifted and shed, and those deemed possibly useful in the future are organized and stored. Blue Lace Agate works first with the outermost layer of memory waves and moves one layer at a time to deeper layers.

    At the same time, Blue Lace Agate energy strengthens your nerves’ energy waves, reminding your nervous system of its true nature. Once it is strengthened and cleared of the burden of excess waves, your nervous system becomes properly responsive, nerve stress is calmed, and damaged nerve tissue has a better chance of healing.


    1. Sit comfortably.
    2. Hold one or two beads of the necklace at the base of your neck. Let the rest of the necklace drop down the length of your spine, underneath your clothing, so that the necklace lies against your skin. One half of the necklace should be on the right side of your spine and the other half on the left side. Hold or tape the necklace in place with paper medical tape. (Taping may be unnecessary if your clothing holds it in place.)
        • If your condition involves your neck, hold the necklace at the top of your neck.
        • If it involves your lower back, hold it above the affected area and let the necklace drape down the center of your sacrum.
        • If you cannot reach your back comfortably, you can ask someone else to perform this therapy on you. 
      3. Rest with the necklace in place for 15 to 30 minutes. As you do, pay attention to any movements your body may want to make, and allow them to happen. Your spine may want to stretch or twist from side to side. Your hips may want to stretch, your shoulders to circle or shimmy, or your limbs to jiggle. These are all signs of tension release.
      4. Cleanse the necklace before reapplying or wearing it.
      If you have someone else perform this therapy on you, you can lie down on your stomach during the treatment and the other person can hold or tape the necklace in place on your spine.

        Time Guidelines

        As the necklace warms with your body heat, its energy will penetrate your skin to access your nerve cells. This will take place in less than a minute.

        Progress will be made in one treatment, but many daily treatments may be needed to obtain and maintain your desired results.

        For Healthcare Practitioners

        Healthcare practitioners who perform this therapy on their patients can take it a step further. To accelerate the treatment of current conditions that are based on past trauma, after you have placed the necklace on the patient’s spine, gently press certain Blue Lace Agate beads into the body. Choose the beads intuitively or with an answer-receiving technique, such as muscle testing. Apply gentle pressure to a bead until you feel a sense of rapport with deeper tissue. This calls up energy waves that were laid long ago, so the patient’s body can acknowledge and process them. Thus you can bypass the more recently laid layers of memories to treat deeper ones that may be involved with present conditions.

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