Light Green Aventurine

Light Green Aventurine

Uplifting Physical Health

Light Green Aventurine uplifts and strengthens one’s most distressed organ by encouraging the organ's healthiest cells to

distribute their vitality throughout the organ. Nonetheless, it promotes a much gentler purification of the physical body than Dark Green Aventurine. Light Green Aventurine is recommended over Dark Green Aventurine only for people with a history of intensive drug use, prescription or otherwise, or who have been exposed to toxic chemicals.

Light Green Aventurine can help you—

  • Gently purify, vitalize, and strengthen your organs
  • Release energetic residues of drugs or chemicals
  • Experience Aventurine benefits gradually
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Light Green Aventurine Can Help

When you are experiencing— 

  • Illness or distress anywhere in the body
  • Weakness or illness in one or more organs

When you want to—

  • Release the energetic residues of drugs or chemicals from an organ
  • Strengthen your weakest or least healthy organ
  • Gently purify, uplift, and vitalize your organs