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Article: 5 Reasons to Choose Leopard Magic

5 Reasons to Choose Leopard Magic

1. You are experiencing:

  • A condition in which parts of your body are not cooperating with other parts
  • Difficulty setting personal boundaries
  • Relationship problems caused by emotional walls you have built around yourself 
Leopard Magic teaches your body that all its parts must cooperate and work together as an integrated whole. It keeps your body's attention focused on the positive and on all that makes it complete, so that negative energies and influences more easily fall to the wayside.

2. You want to establish healthier personal boundaries

Establishing healthy boundaries is very difficult when you are not feeling your best, most integrated self. Many of us either build walls for protection or have over-reactive boundaries, becoming overly attuned to others’ needs at the cost of our own. We can have a difficult time knowing what to let in and what to keep out.

The strength and freedom that comes from setting appropriate personal boundaries is profound. Leopard Magic’s unifying influence on your body and being helps you establish healthy boundaries and become more in control of what flows in and out of your life.


Leopard Magic necklace

3. You want to get the benefits from Leopardskin Jasper, and Opalight, Riverstone – with something more.

Each of the gemstones in Leopard Magic work together to offer an entirely new energy. Each gem has a task:

Opalight shines its light through your being in search of what might be missing or deficient.

Leopardskin Jasper attracts those missing pieces to your body.

Riverstone encourages integration by supplying more energy and accelerating these positive changes.

Together they create a whole that is more than the sum of its parts. In this way, Leopard Magic sets an example to your body by mirroring how all parts must work together to create a whole, unified, and beautifully functioning being.

4. You have connected with some of the profound experiences others have had with this gemstone.

"Wearing the Leopard Magic necklace has had a profound impact on both my body and behavior. It is gentle in its functioning though strong energetically. My body responds to it with a huge sense of calm and synergy. My body is reminded daily by this exquisite necklace that its normal design and operation is to work as a whole. It really does feel like I've come home to myself in that way.

Now that my body works as a whole, setting personal boundaries and holding true to them has become much easier. I just ended a six-year relationship that I have known since its inception was not healthy but that I’d been unable to walk away from until about three weeks after wearing the Leopard Magic. I am truly astounded and thrilled with this "magical" necklace, and it is one of my best friends. Thank you for the loving support in changing my life, dear Leopard Magic and Gemisphere."

—D.M., Lakewood, Colorado


5.  You want to add a beautiful, high-quality combination necklace to your therapeutic tool-kit.

Whether you are looking to support your physical body in reaching optimal health, or you want to focus on attracting positive influences into your life, Leopard Magic is a must-have.


If you are ready to choose Leopard Magic, right now is the perfect time!

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