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Article: 4 Ways to Get the Most From Your Gemisphere Gemstones

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4 Ways to Get the Most From Your Gemisphere Gemstones

Gemisphere gemstones are beautiful and exciting therapeutic tools to help you stay healthy and energized naturally. Whether receiving your first gift of gemstones or simply welcoming a new set of therapeutic gems into your life, you will want to get the most from your gems. We have gathered some guidance and support to help you use your new gemstones for energetic support and healing now and for a lifetime.

1. First Steps: Welcoming Your Gems

When you first receive your gemstones, it is important to take a moment to open your heart and mind to welcome them into your life. This is also a good time to set your intention and thus help guide the gemstones' work. Re-welcoming a necklace you haven’t used in a while is also a wonderful way to rejuvenate your connection with the gems.

How to connect with your therapeutic gemstones:

  • Hold and gaze.
    Cradle the gems in the palm of your hand and gaze at them. Open yourself to their beauty and to the healing energy that radiates from them.
  • Introduce the gems to your heart.
    With the stones still cradled gently in your hand, extend your arm in front of you. Slowly bring the gemstones to your heart while taking a deep, healing breath. 
  • Embrace the energy.
    Hold the necklace over your heart and send the stones your gratitude. Take another deep breath, and then place the gemstones around your neck.

2. Using Your Gems

There are multiple ways to reap the healing benefits of your gems. One of the most powerful and convenient ways is to wear your therapeutic gemstones around your neck. Whether going about your day or resting at night, wearing a therapeutic gemstone necklace will allow its healing energy to radiate in all directions throughout your aura.

You can also apply your gemstones to specific areas of your body to focus their energies there. Curl up your therapeutic gemstone necklace and place it on an ailing area of your body that needs some additional support. Find more information about using a particular gemstone for focused treatments on its dedicated page.

3. Storing and Wearing Your Gems

In order to ensure that your gems are resting comfortably when not in use (and to retain their full energetic power), it is important to store them with care. Avoid storing gems near TVs, computers, or other electronic devices, as these devices emit electromagnetic fields that can disrupt the energy of your gemstones.

AVOID wearing your therapeutic gemstones:

  • Near X-rays 
    Avoid exposing your gemstones to x-ray radiation, whether at the dentist, in a hospital, or when traveling through airport security.
  • In the shower or bath
    The weight of the gemstones will cause wet thread to stretch, increasing the likelihood of breakage. More porous gems can also be negatively affected by exposure to certain shampoos and conditioners.
  • In pools or hot tubs 
    Chlorine is a strong solvent that adversely affects the surface of certain gems. Soaking the necklace while wearing it will also weaken the thread.
  • Near synthetic perfumes
    Alcohols and manufactured scents can interrupt the natural flow of a gemstone’s energy. Avoid synthetic perfumes while wearing your healing gems.

When not in use, store your gemstones in a clean and dry place, preferably on a soft surface. Even better, keep them near a block of Himalayan pink salt or near a salt lamp.

4. Cleansing Your Gems

Regular cleaning of your healing gemstones will help maintain their therapeutic effectiveness. Cleansing your gems will restore their vibrancy and healing powers, and should be practiced as ongoing maintenance.

During the times that you are wearing or using your gems, use at least one of the methods below to cleanse them on a regular basis. Please note that not all gems should be cleansed the same way or with the same frequency. For the best ways to cleanse your specific gems, be sure to check the gem's dedicated web page or the information card that came with your gems.

  • Salt Bed 
    Lay your gemstones in a bowl of kosher table salt (without iodine) for one hour or overnight. The salt will absorb any negative energies that have accumulated on the surface of your gems. Place a thin cloth between the salt and more delicate gemstones.
  • Plant Rejuvenation 
    Wrap your gemstones around the base of a healthy house plant, or drape the stones over its branches. The natural, living energy field of a healthy plant will absorb any disharmonious energies.
  • Water Rinse
    Many gemstones will tolerate a gentle rinsing. Hold your gemstone necklace under alternating cool and warm running water for about 60 seconds. Use mild, natural soap on your gems no more than once a week to remove any accumulated dirt, oils, or residues.
  • Sun Bath 
    A short time in direct sunlight can offer powerful restoration for certain gems. However, not all gemstones tolerate a Sun Bath, so be sure to check the necklace’s dedicated web page for cleansing guidelines before putting your gems in the sun..

Looking for more details on how to cleanse and care for your gems? Read "Caring for Your Gems." 

Have more questions about getting started with therapeutic gemstones or giving them ongoing care? Give our Gemstone Advisor team a call at 800.727.8877 or email us here. Or visit our FAQ page

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