5 Reasons to Rock Your Life at Our October Workshop

“Life-transforming.” “Eye-opening.” “Rejuvenating.” These are just some of the ways that hundreds of Gemisphere Workshop participants have described their experiences over the years.

Our new Rock Your Life Workshop in California promises to be the same. But how do you know if this workshop right for you? What will you experience if you attend? Will it be worth the time to go?

To help you answer these questions, here are 5 things you can expect at our October workshop in Venice, CA: 

1. Beautiful event space in a crystal gallery 

California, here we come—for the very first time! Hidden from the hustle and bustle of Venice, CA, our host Mystic Journey’s spectacular crystal gallery and adjoining great room are the perfect setting for immersing ourselves in the energies of therapeutic gems. Enjoy breaks in their secret garden space, where you can rejuvenate in plant and water energy for those "gem'd out" moments. 

2. Learn from the experts

Dr Sara Hazel teaching gemstone energy medicine

The workshop will be taught by naturopathic physician Dr. Sara Hazel, one of the key collaborators in the creation of our Gemstone Energy Tools. She has 20+ years of experience practicing and teaching gemstone energy medicine, and does so with warmth, humor, and unique, in-depth insight into gemstones. 

3. Experience the gems in person

color ray gems

Get a first peek at our NEWEST Color Ray Energy Tools! Throughout the workshop, you’ll see all of our gemstone tools—and experience their energies firsthand. You’ll learn the groundbreaking techniques for getting the most from these exciting tools through demonstrations, gem therapies, self discovery exercises, guided visualizations, Gem Yoga, and more. 

4. Join the Gem Tribe 

You'll connect with the ever-growing community of people exploring ways to expand their consciousness, enhance their well-being, and uplift their lives through the use of therapeutic gemstones.

5. Take time to invest in your health, well-being, and life optimization

Maybe most important, this workshop will be an opportunity to take a transformative weekend for yourself! You'll discover new ways to achieve your best self, reach new levels of excellence, and empower yourself to optimize your life. 

October 21, 2019

Are you ready to Rock Your Life?

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