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Article: Indigo Speaks, Ryan Listens

Gem of the Week

Indigo Speaks, Ryan Listens

Our friend and former Gemisphere Gem Advisor, Ryan, shares how wearing therapeutic Indigo gives him “the confidence that the universe is on my side.”

By Ryan Van Arsdale

There is something about Indigo that just feels like home. With its planet Earth–like blue color and uplifting energy, Indigo makes me feel connected to my higher self, giving me the confidence that the universe is on my side. 

3 Things I Discovered Wearing Indigo 

For my voice: This beautiful blue gemstone helps me greatly in my professional life. When I give gemstone consultations to customers, I often reach for my Indigo necklace. Why? Because it strengthens my voice. When I wear it, I speak with less hesitation, and I feel I communicate much more clearly, which allows me to better support my customers' needs. 

For my dreams: Something that makes Indigo so unique is its resonance with the intuition, the aspect of consciousness that is closest to our highest self. Indigo helps build bridges between your conscious awareness and intuition, making your intuition stronger and its messages clearer. This often manifests during my sleep. When I wear Indigo consistently, I wake up remembering my dreams in a way I never do otherwise. It's an incredible feeling to be able to tap into that higher side of myself, unobstructed by the mental garbage that can so often get in the way.

For opening to life's possibilities: During my Gemstone Advisor training, I learned about the Guardians of each of the gemstones. The Guardian of Indigo stood out to me with his youthful, lively demeanor. This inner-world being is young and still moving into his full power and responsibility for the Indigo gemstone. Maybe that’s the reason I feel a sense of childlike wonder when I wear Indigo. As children, we haven’t yet developed the adult filters that calcify our thinking and keep us from hearing our higher spiritual voice. When I wear Indigo, I feel open to the amazement and possibilities of life. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Gemstone Guardians, check out this book: Wisdom of the Gemstone Guardians.

Who Do I Recommend Indigo For?

Anyone who feels plagued by self-doubt or pessimism or who craves more clarity about their true nature and life purpose. Wearing Indigo can help when you want a higher, more spiritual viewpoint to make a certain decision or simply to navigate life. 

How I Supercharge Indigo with Gem Pairings 

When I want more confidence: Wearing Mystic Warrior with Indigo helps fortify the growth of my personal strength and self-assurance. Together, they build the confidence needed to make positive changes in my life and to know that the choices I'm making are the right ones. 

To gain self-mastery: Lapis Lazuli harmonizes my heart and mind to help me master any area of life I choose. Wearing Indigo with Lapis adds the element of self-knowledge that is needed to gain mastery, including self-mastery. 

To cultivate higher consciousness: To supercharge the growth of self-awareness and higher states of consciousness, I wear Indigo with Amethyst, which works to infuse conscious awareness with pure spiritual knowledge. 

To become my true self: Blue Lace Agate helps me feel more truly who I am by sifting out and discarding energies that are not mine. Pairing Indigo with Category 3 Blue Lace Agate helps strengthen my identity by helping me distinguish between my own mental constructs and those I have taken on from others. 

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