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Article: 7 Reasons to Choose Blue Lace Agate

7 Reasons to Choose Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is so versatile—and its therapeutic benefits are so encompassing—that this list of reasons to wear it could easily be twice as long! Here are seven of our favorites.

1. You’re coming down with a cold, or you get sick frequently.

Blue Lace Agate’s ability to strengthen the energies of your physical body will naturally help improve the functioning of your organs, including those of your immune system. This can help your body become more resilient and less vulnerable to energies that are foreign to it. You may find that you recover from illness more quickly and are less likely to experience the same ailment again.

You may also notice improved digestion, elimination, muscular responsiveness, and overall vitality. If you have been slow to heal from an injury or illness, healing may accelerate.

2. You want to feel more protected.

When your native energies are weakened or unclear, unwelcome energies are more likely to enter. You become more vulnerable to the encroachments of people and circumstances that are not in harmony with you.

When you wear Blue Lace Agate, your energetic identity will become more defined and clear. As a result, you will tend to attract the people and experiences whose energies are in harmony with you. You will also be naturally protected from energies that are not in harmony with you, including those of illness and injury.

3. You want to improve your inner strength and sense of self.

In your emotional body, Blue Lace Agate will help you realize your true feelings about relationships, issues, and other aspects of your life. For example, you may feel angry with someone but have sugarcoated your feelings so often that you’ve forgotten how you truly feel. When your energetic nature is strong and clear, your deeper feelings will come forward—and, with them, the opportunity to build a richer, more honest relationship.

As your emotional core becomes stronger, you may also find that its inherent nature is to feel good, content, and peaceful—and therefore so will you.

"Blue Lace Agate has helped me like me for me, to feel of my own strength, and not be what I think others want me to be. I have a dear friend who has always intimidated me because of her strong personality, to the point that I would even be ill. Blue Lace Agate has helped me put this friendship into perspective and believe in myself."

—J.C., Washington

4. You sometimes feel stressed out, irritable, or over-reactive.

The frequency of Blue Lace Agate’s lavender-blue color is particularly nourishing and soothing to the nerves. As your body ages or faces various health challenges, your nervous system can collect an overwhelming volume of foreign energies, causing it to lose its flexibility and responsiveness and become more reactive and defensive. Blue Lace Agate’s purifying and strengthening effects will help calm and normalize your nervous system so it can handle the stresses of life more effectively.

5. You have difficulty making decisions.

If you have trouble making decisions, Blue Lace Agate’s ability to strengthen, align, and purify your native mental-body energies can help. When your energetic nature is well defined and you have a clear sense of your identity, your needs and desires in life also become more defined. Therefore, it becomes easier to make choices that support your true wants and needs.

6. You want to heighten your senses or improve your eyesight or hearing.

Everything you see, hear, and sense is interpreted by your mental body. As Blue Lace Agate strengthens and clarifies the energetic nature of your mental body, you will become better able to perceive and interpret information that is useful to you. Over time your eyesight, hearing, and other senses will naturally improve—as will your ability to sense, intuit, and perceive information through other means.

For additional support for your eyes and ears, try the Blue Lace Agate Eye Therapy or Therapy to Improve Ear Health and Hearing

"I am prone to experiencing ringing in my ears, or tinnitus, which can wake me in the middle of the night, even from a deep sleep. Blue Lace Agate has been a godsend for this otherwise intractable problem. Several times, when the ringing has woken me up, I’ve simply plunked the Blue Lace Agate on my ears, as instructed in the ear therapy, and the tinnitus vanished in less than three minutes. Since doing the therapy several times, the frequency of the tinnitus episodes has also greatly diminished."

—C.T., New Jersey

7. You want to add a versatile, high-quality gemstone necklace to your therapeutic toolkit.

In addition to wearing it as a necklace, you can you use Blue Lace Agate for a variety of focused treatments. See the “How to Use” tab for instructions on how to perform five Blue Lace Agate therapies.

Three Categories of Blue Lace Agate

Therapeutic-quality Blue Lace Agate is available in three categories. All three categories provide the full benefits of this versatile gemstone, but each focuses these benefits on the physical and subtle bodies to varying degrees. Which one is best for you? Read tips for choosing.

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