Lavender and the Power of Alignment

Imagine how much your life would improve if you were more aligned in all ways—aligned with your greater purpose, with the people around you, between your mind, body, and emotions, and within your chakras. That is the gift of Lavender.

Lavender the Multitasker

Lavender is one of my favorite gems in our Multidimensional Healing collection. Like all the gems in this collection, it is a multitasker. Yet even within this group, Lavender is special, because it offers improvement on all levels simultaneously: spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. People who work with Lavender have reported alleviation of pain (especially joint pain), a deeper understanding of themselves, and guidance in moving forward in life, among many other benefits.

Other Gems' Best Friend

We also love combining a Lavender necklace with our other gems. By helping to align and open energy flows between our physical and subtle bodies, Lavender can enhance the benefits of other gems. For example, while we normally recommend wearing a maximum of three therapeutic necklaces simultaneously to avoid giving the body too many changes to process at once, Lavender is an exception to this rule. Most people can comfortably wear Lavender as a fourth necklace, as it gently supports the work of the other gems it's worn with. Healthcare practitioners especially appreciate Lavender's ability to aid the healing work of other therapeutic gems and treatments.

Getting Even More from Your Lavender Necklace

You can also focus Lavender’s energy for specific, powerful effects. Check out these three focused treatments to see even more possibilities of Lavender: 

1. Soothe pain and promote healing  
Pain Relief and Realignment Technique.

2. Encourage spinal alignment to relieve tightness and pain 
Spine Therapy.

3. Heighten your awareness and foster spiritual awakening  

Tisrati for Spiritual Awakening Technique.

We say that the experience of working with Lavender is unique to the person wearing it, because with alignment comes the power to access the deepest part of your being and manifest it in your outer life. To read what our customers say about how Lavender has worked in their lives, visit the Testimonials tab on our Lavender page. Just think what Lavender will do for you!

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