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Article: Blood Mysteries and Science

Blood Mysteries and Science


The power in our blood has been described and invoked in ancient societies, in religion, in culture, in poetry, and in art.  Over 400 years ago modern researchers began to study blood in what would become the beginnings of our scientific westernized understanding.  The blood stream is a very specialized tissue with incredibly unique cells, proteins, and fluids capable of a staggering array of activities necessary for life.  No matter how little you think you know about human biology, you probably know that when any organ or limb looses blood flow – it dies. No matter what health goals you are focused on achieving it is likely that your blood will play a role in delivering you to a greater state of well being. It is also possible that what is occurring (or not occurring) in your blood may be limiting your health in any numbers of ways.

IMG_4266In short, the condition of our blood reflects the condition of our health. Our genetics, diet, exercise, age, lifestyle, sleep, medications, disease processes, and environment are all creating changes in the chemicals, hormones, nutrients, wastes, red and white blood cells, and other factors that make up our blood. Even what we think and feel will change the chemical make-up of our blood almost instantaneously by effecting neurotransmitters and hormones that control our immune responses, metabolism, and a large number of life processes. Life creates and is created by what is flowing through our blood vessels.

Physicians of all kinds are constantly working to analyze, improve, and correct the elements and function of the blood. Many therapeutics are used to change the quality of the blood stream. Everything from nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, supplements, medications, mind-body medicine and more can be applied to this goal. Yet often it seems that something more could be done. Gemstone Energy and the shifts in our subtle fields and consciousness that they effect can support these quests to regulate the immune function, improve detoxification, or optimize the transport of necessary substances. Optimal blood has been a goal in ancient healing arts and now in modern medicine. This goal requires strong detoxification pathways in this day and age as well as a balanced immune system. Immune disorders are hugely increasing in our population. Cardiovascular disease and the pathologies of the blood and blood vessels are a leading cause of death and health conditions in the developed world.  The vessels need to be healthy and the clotting functions need to be balanced. The fluid, electrolytes, pH, and other elements in the plasma have an immediate and profound impact on the brain, heart, lung, and kidney function. The blood functions affect everything from allergies to fatigue to cancer.


Even anti-aging medicine is now researching the profound effects of how the blood appears to be a conveyor of both youth and age.  Various studies show that the blood of young mammals can rejuvenate older muscles and brains.  Not only that, but in some experiments the blood of old mice has been shown to create faster signs of aging when transfused into young mice. Something in blood appears to be key to prolonging youthfulness, although the exact aspects and mechanics of this are as yet unknown.


Blood Tonic – Strengthening and Balancing the Blood

The Blood Tonic necklace is designed to be an energetic support to some of the aspects of this mysterious and fluid tissue.  The subtle fields of energetic support for both the immune system and the detoxification and cleansing functions are addressed by combining Sugilite, Carnelian, and Bloodstone together.  This powerful combination enhances each gemstone’s individual action to create a synergy of blood purification and immune regulation.

Two Blood Tonic Versions: semi-precious on the left, precious on the right. 

Both Bloodstone and Carnelian have been used by multiple cultures to enhance the immune function and purify the blood.  When combined together they work in a harmony that is amplified in energetic depth and breadth by the power of Sugilite.  Sugilite brings a deeper cleansing and a strong message of upliftment and transformation.  These gemstones join together in alchemy of ancient energies and intent to help modern humans face the immense challenges of environmental pollution, poor diet, and numerous chronic diseases.


“Bloodstone strengthens your immune system and keeps it alert and responsive to your body’s needs.  Bloodstone also removes burdens from your immune system as it facilitates the removal of toxins and enhances your cells’ absorption of nutrients.”

Bloodtone – Strengthening the Immune System


“The orange ray carried by Carnelian deeply relaxes your mind, emotions, and physical cells so that they can release their disharmony and disease.”

Carnelian – Revitalizing Your Being


Sugilite clears your body and aura of the unwanted energies that interfere with health and healing. In the course of living, your physical and subtle bodies naturally accumulate clouds of useless energies that block the flow of life force throughout your entire being. Sugilite eliminates these harmful energies and clears the path for more life force to heal and vitalize you. In this way, it can support the healing of virtually any illness.” 

Sugilite – Clearing Unhealthy Energies



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Gemstones are subtle-energy tools that can be used to support our goals and empower our focus. They are not a replacement for appropriate medical diagnosis and care.

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