How I Got My Glow Back

How I Got My Glow Back

“This facial massage was one of the most blissful experiences I’ve had with gemstones. More than just remembering what it feels like to have youthful, glowing skin, I felt like my face was reclaiming the joy and vitality of my younger self. When I was done with the massage, years of tension and fatigue in my face had fallen away.”

Katherine Hall, Gemisphere Senior Editor

Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt surprised to see the lines of time in your face? Whether the lines have been carved by happy times or trying ones, we’re never quite ready for them. Even if we feel like a teenager inside, our faces have moved on. Everything we’ve done, seen, thought, and felt (especially about ourselves) seems to be stored there. It’s a lot to carry, and my face was showing its fatigue.

On Dr. Sara Hazel’s advice, I decided to try a “Gem Glow” facial massage to improve my skin tone and feel a little better when I looked in the mirror. The massage uses our Golden Light necklace—a combination of Golden Beryl, White Beryl, and Precious Carnelian. I thought it might help release some of the stress and tiredness in my face. It did that, and more.

Key to the massage’s effects is the Golden Beryl. Its energy reframes how we experience time. It allows you to access places on your timeline that include your more youthful self—and then bring that experience into manifestation here and now. The White Beryl floods your system with white light and supports healthy lymph drainage, vital for carrying away toxins and impurities from the face. The Carnelian infuses your entire being with a joyful vitality.

How to Do the Golden Light “Gem Glow” Massage

Here’s what I did to experience a “Gem Glow” and vividly reconnect with a golden time in my life:

1. Cleanse the Golden Light necklace,* and wash your face with a gentle cleanser.

Optional: Apply a small amount of a natural oil or moisturizer that suits your skin. Apply just enough moisture to allow the gems to move easily over the skin’s surface.


2. Unclasp the Golden Light necklace and hold the ends in your fingertips. Massage the necklace across your face, neck, and chest in gentle, rolling motions. Move the gems from the center to the outside of your face, and down your neck and chest. Be very gentle and take extra care with the delicate skin around your eyes.

3. During the massage, visualize yourself in your prime. Choose an age or era in your life when you felt the most beautiful, vibrant, and alive. This might be when you were 22, 32, or any age you want to reawaken and reclaim. This younger self is within you.

Close your eyes and put yourself there. Remember who you were, where you were, the clothes you wore, the music you listened to—the person you were at your perfect, youthful age. Imagine you are still embodying that youth, health, and radiance. 

Do this for 5 to 15 minutes.

4. When you are finished, cleanse the Golden Light necklace.* If you have used moisturizer on your face, wash your gems with a small amount of mild, natural soap and water to remove any residue.

* For instructions on how to cleanse Golden Light, see the “How to Use” tab here.

Read more about Golden Light.


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