Golden Beryl

Golden Beryl

Nourishing the Causal Body

Golden Beryl nourishes and strengthens the causal body—the aspect of consciousness that governs your relationship with time,

memory, and the influence of karma. By developing your awareness of the causal body, Golden Beryl helps open new and healing perspectives on your past, present, and future experiences. In this way, its energy helps you master the natural law of cause and effect that perpetuates unwanted conditions, habits, and relationships. By expanding your understanding of time and memory, Golden Beryl helps you achieve greater mastery over your life circumstances and spiritual growth.

Golden Beryl is also available in two combination necklaces: Golden Phoenix and Golden Light.

Golden Beryl can help you—

  • Gain mastery of your time and life
  • Access your past or future lives
  • Stop repeating unhealthy situations
  • Develop better self-management or patience
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Golden Beryl Can Help

When you are experiencing— 

  • Difficulty mastering your time
  • Feeling that you are at the mercy of fate
  • Chronic or recurring ailments or symptoms
  • A physical condition or life situation that you believe has karmic roots
  • Unhealthy or unconscious behavior patterns—for example, regarding food or other self-care
  • Repeating cycles of undesirable life situations, such as unhealthy relationships
  • Difficulty with self-management, patience, or self-control

When you want to—

  • Gain better mastery of your time and life circumstances
  • Change how you remember events from your past
  • Access your past or future lives
  • Stop the chronic repetition of unhealthy life situations, behavior patterns, or physical conditions
  • Become more conscious of counterproductive responses so you can change them
  • Better understand the lessons of a physical condition and resolve the karma that may be perpetuating it
  • Ease the fear that accompanies serious illness and open your heart to a more holistic view of it
  • Become less judgmental about yourself and others’ choices