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Article: Meditate with Amethyst

Gem Therapies

Meditate with Amethyst

To honor our Gem of the Week, Amethyst, the staff participated in the Pattern-Loosening Technique designed for Amethyst. In this meditation technique, an Amethyst necklace is used in conjunction with a visualization to loosen the energetic knots and patterns that bind difficult circumstances to one’s life. Michelle lead us through this guided meditation – each of us were sitting comfortably, with our eyes closed, holding a beautiful Amethyst necklace. After the meditation, we all took a few moments to reflect on the experience.

Christopher: I haven’t worked with Amethyst much, so was curious what my reaction would be. It didn’t take long before I felt a fullness throughout my body. And with each deep breath, it felt like life-giving air was coming in through my heart chakra, funneling throughout my body. It touched some emotional tightness, and I felt that tightness caressed by the Amethyst resting in my palms. It was a beautiful introduction to the higher healing potential of Amethyst, and a wonderful start to the work week.

Maddie: This was my first real experience with Amethyst. It allowed me to feel my upper chakras more connected than they ever have been. During the phases, my mind began to explore new perspectives for things that I had not considered. The meditation has started to open my blockage to the purple ray and I’m looking forward to more of these meditations.

Ryan: Sitting with Amethyst allows me to release the frustration surrounding complex problems. It has a direct impact, as the focused energies of the Amethyst fill my Crown, Brow Throat and Heart Chakras, lending me its knowledge and strength. The understanding it brings lets me release the stress of things being complex so I can see the issues with clarity and deal with them rationally.

Eleena: I am sitting on a stool, feet solidly on the ground, my eyes closed, back straight, holding an Amethyst necklace within both of my hands, ready to be guided through this technique for the first time. As I hold the necklace, part of it in my left hand, the rest in my right, I hear Michelle's voice offering a visualization on letting go of limiting patterns. As she speaks, I breathe deeply, and feel the Amethyst's energy propagate up my arms towards my head. When purposefully directed downward, I could feel the energy reaching for my feet, even meeting my toes, allowing the whole area to accept the energy and create a sense of release. My feet often hold a lot of tension, and this flow of energy created space to shake some of that stagnation loose. Although I did not feel a strong sense of change with these 10 minutes of contemplation, I feel the Amethyst's energy waking up parts of my body and directing that flow upwards to my higher self. I know there is a lot to unlock in order to move beyond my limiting patterns, and this technique was an excellent first step.

Michelle: I love Amethyst as a contemplation tool. It really connects you to higher wisdom and your inner self which helps you see the truth of a situation. The Pattern-Loosening Technique is a lovely way to gain insight and move past a sticking point in life. I find it quite relaxing and is one of the many wonderful ways the gemstones can assist you in life.

Taking these few minutes this morning to connect with Amethyst, and to meditate as a group, was a wonderful and fulfilling experience for all the staff. The energy we all shared will be carried with us collectively.

Would you like to try the Pattern-Loosening Technique?
Grab your Amethyst necklace, and view instructions here. 

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