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  • This week we welcome our new Gem Advisor, Maddie! When the late winter days look and feel gloomy, she turns to Carnelian for a boost.

    Maddie Wearing CarnelianHere in Portland, winter has been slowly giving way to spring. But on those occasional dark, gray mornings, when spring can’t seem to come fast enough, it can be especially hard for me to get out of bed and start my day. That is when I reach for my all-time favorite gemstone, Carnelian.

    When my mood needs a boost, Carnelian is great for uplifting my spirits and highlighting the joy in my life. Its brilliant orange hue radiates a tangible joyous energy and conjures the image of cheerful, happy (and warmer!) days. Oftentimes, as soon as I put on my Carnelian necklace, I can feel my perspective shift. I feel more optimistic.

    Even more than many other gems, Carnelian works on many dimensions at once—body, mind, emotions, and spirit. People have especially noted its effects in reducing stress, making it easier to meet their daily goals. It also supports the immune system in fending off colds, which is especially welcome in the heart of winter.

    For even more immune boosting power, pair Carnelian with Bloodstone.

    Could you use a boost this winter? Be sure to check out Carnelian today! As our Gem of the Week, Carnelian is 20% off through Sunday, February 11.

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    February 08, 2018 by Madeline Partridge



    Josee said:

    I have Carnelian and love it! It has definitely given me the qi I need to stay strong this Winter. Thank you Gemisphere for bringing us these powerful stones!

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