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Article: My Consultation with Sydney Songer, HWP

My Consultation with Sydney Songer, HWP

"Our interaction put us on a path of life change that has brought incredible benefits to us and our family."

A Utah man shares the "joyous experience" and profound results of his family's complimentary gemstone consultation with Sydney Songer, HWP.


"My wife and I signed up for a consultation with Sydney through Gemisphere a couple of months ago, and our interaction put us on a path of life change that has brought incredible benefits to us and our family. If you are considering trying a consultation with Sydney, please do it! It will be well worth your time.

"Sydney is surprisingly selfless and powerfully intuitive. She knows the gems at a core level. And as we spoke with her about our problems and goals, she came up with a list of gems within our limited budget that would be most helpful. She was able to explain where she expected they would be of the greatest help. Now, months later, we can say without a doubt that she was right.

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"With the direction of the gems we purchased, my wife and I have identified and transformed our codependency issues, and I’ve made more progress than I ever have with a persistent personal struggle. We’ve been so much kinder to our children and much more insightful and connected with each other. I’ve seen my physical strength and health improve dramatically. And I’ve been able to clear the mental and emotional fog that was plaguing me and thus have become more efficient, effective, and creative in my life …. and the list goes on and on. We fully expect the benefits to continue exponentially.

"In the end, however, I want to emphasize that Sydney is doing so much more than advising about where to put your money for the best outcomes. She also gave me some intuitive advice that has turned me in a better direction. I expect it will take me to a lifestyle that will be healthier and happier than I’ve ever experienced. Her main advice was simple, and it came in two parts:

1. SLOW DOWN! (She didn’t yell, but she emphasized this. :) I was pushing and driving too hard in my life, and I actually needed to slow down to make more real progress. She has been prophetic in this area of my life, as I’ve seen slowing down make a monumental difference.

2. The gems don’t heal you. She taught me that the gems are teachers, reminders, and tools that tune our energy so that we can “heal ourselves.” Our body, mind, and spirit have powerful healing mechanisms. The gems help us tap into these mechanisms more effectively, but they don’t do the work without us. This has empowered me and helped me to use my gems more wisely and effectively and with greater patience.

"Please visit with Sydney. It will be a joyous experience and has the potential to change your life if you are truly ready for it. The benefits I am experiencing from what she taught me are mind-blowing, and I can’t wait to see where they go from here."

—B.L., Spring City, Utah

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