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Article: Pink Sapphire Emotional Clearing Technique

Pink Sapphire Emotional Clearing Technique

A Pink Sapphire necklace is circled in the aura in front of the chest to clear emotional pain or to regain control of one’s emotions. This technique can also help ease emotional upset, whether it is caused by longstanding emotional distress or a brief, intense outburst.

Therapy Tools
  • Emotional pain, especially when sensed in the chest
  • Mild or moderate depression
  • Profound sadness
  • Emotional upset, from either a brief emotional outburst or longstanding emotional distress

This technique can ease emotional pain, release emotional pressure in the chest, and clear and unblock the heart chakra. It can also ease physical symptoms that are linked to prolonged emotional pain, grief, or depression.

When you wear a Pink Sapphire necklace around your neck, it helps create some beneficial space between your physical and emotional bodies. In this technique, when you circle Pink Sapphire in the aura in front of your body, this space is concentrated over your chest. This helps ease emotional pain and upset by clearing away the emotional energies burdening the area and preventing the emotional-body fabric from pressing against your physical body.

  1. Hold a Pink Sapphire necklace or Gem Energy Ring with your fingertips. (Coil or bunch the necklace to make it more compact.) Keeping your arm relaxed, extend your hand out in front of your chest so the gems are facing your body.
  2. Slowly draw the gems toward your heart. You will probably find that the gems stop a certain distance from your chest. At that distance, start to move the Pink Sapphire in a circle parallel to your chest. Remain open and sensitive to the way your body’s energy wishes to move the gems. The circles may get larger or smaller, change directions, or move closer or farther away several times. Begin the circles on a plane parallel to your chest, but be open to your body’s lead if it seems to want the circles to move perpendicular to your body.
  3. Each time the Pink Sapphire returns to the center of the circle, pause and sense whether your body wants the gems to start circling again. If so, continue circling, remaining open to your body’s wishes. Continue repeating this step until the Pink Sapphire finally pulls away from your body.
Time Guidelines

The treatment may take as little as a few minutes to complete or it may continue for longer. Again, end the treatment when the Pink Sapphire pulls away from your body. Perform this therapy no more than once a day, even if you feel the pull-away after only a minute or two.

Cleanse the Pink Sapphire

When you have completed the therapy, thoroughly cleanse the Pink Sapphire before wearing or using it again. Run the gems under alternating warm and cool water for at least one minute and then pat them dry. See additional cleansing methods here.


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