Natural Remedies for Headaches

Who hasn’t had a headache? Whether suffering from a sinus headache, cluster headache, migraine headache, or a simple tension headache, 60 percent of men and 80 percent of women complain of them. Therapeutic gemstones are natural and effective remedies for headaches of all kinds. Simply by wearing a therapeutic gemstone necklace, you can begin to experience headache relief, while addressing the underlying energetic reasons you may be developing headaches in the first place. 

Therapeutic Gemstones for Headache Relief

Immediate and long-term relief from headaches is possible by wearing the following therapeutic gemstone necklaces:


Improves spinal alignment and brings soothing energy to the head; is especially helpful for headaches from neck and back strain.

Dark Green Aventurine

Soothes dull, throbbing, and achy pain, particularly in sinus headache.


Relieves tension headaches from mental strain and stress; nourishes the nervous system to prevent future headaches.


Attracts life energy to the body and helps restore overall balance to ease pain and address the underlying cause of headache.


Unwinds tension and releases stress; is particularly helpful for headaches from upper-back and neck tension.

Natural Headache Remedies:
An Effective and Long-Lasting Approach to Headache Relief

by Dr. Ada González

In my practice as a naturopathic physician, headaches are a frequent complaint. Some of the most common types I see are tension headache, sinus headache, and migraine headache. To relieve the pain of these and other kinds of headaches, I often recommend using therapeutic gemstone necklaces. Therapeutic gemstones are wonderful healing tools, because they're highly effective and easy to use. Simply by wearing a therapeutic gemstone necklace, you can experience relief from a headache, while addressing the underlying cause of the pain.

Simply by wearing a therapeutic gemstone necklace, you can experience relief from a headache, while addressing the underlying cause of the pain.

Rapid Headache Relief

For headaches, a variety of gems can be helpful. The first gemstone I often recommend is Lavender, which helps gently align the spine and joints. This can relieve many headaches. With improved alignment, blockages are released and energy moves more freely to soothe pain. In this way, Lavender can also reduce the tendency to get headaches in the future.

You can place Lavender directly on the painful area to rapidly alleviate headache pain.

To alleviate headache pain quickly, you can also place a Lavender necklace directly on the painful area. A nurse said that when she gets a headache, she places a Lavender necklace directly on her head. She said the pain melts away quickly, and her whole body is filled with a soft, comfortable feeling.

When using therapeutic gemstones, you can often use more than one gem at a time to address a particular issue.

Two Gems Help Heal Chronic Headaches

When using therapeutic gemstones, you can often use more than one gem at a time to address a particular issue. Sometimes it works particularly well to wear two or three gemstone necklaces that have somewhat different effects to address an issue from several angles. One man wore a Lavender necklace along with a Quartz necklace to relieve his chronic head pain. Quartz attracts healing energy to the body, which is very soothing. Wearing a Quartz necklace also brings balance to the entire body. This man had experienced severe chronic headaches because of problems in his neck and spine. It took about three months of wearing both gems to resolve the problem, and the result was significant and lasting pain reduction.

Easing Sinus Pressure and Pain

Another gem that is effective for headaches is Dark Green Aventurine. One woman reported that, whenever she starts to feel a headache or sinus pressure, she places a Dark Green Aventurine necklace on her forehead. After only a minute, she can feel the pain starting to leave and her whole body relaxing. She said this technique also works for her husband. Another woman wore Dark Green Aventurine and Lavender necklaces on a trip and successfully eliminated the jet lag and tension headaches she usually got from flying.

Releasing Tension Headaches

I also recommend using Amethyst, which nourishes the nervous system and helps release tension. If you have a tendency to over-think and worry, this can build tension in your head and cause headaches. I recommend placing Amethyst on the top of your head or on your forehead. Doing this can bring relief within minutes. As with Lavender, you can also wear Amethyst as a necklace for ongoing support to gradually release stress and strengthen your nervous system. Doing so can help you become less prone to headaches.

Therapeutic Quality Gemstones

In order for gems to provide therapeutic results and be effective for headache relief, the gems themselves must be therapeutic quality. When selecting gems, I recommend as the most reliable source. Gemisphere offers the best gems in the world for therapeutic use.



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