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Article: Pick Up the Pace of Change with Riverstone

Gem of the Week

Pick Up the Pace of Change with Riverstone

Our friend and former Gem Advisor Ryan shares his experiences and insights about our Gem of the Week.

Riverstone’s energy is all about speeding up whatever you’re going through or want to accomplish—whether it’s a physical cleansing, a spiritual breakthrough, or a specific healing process.

The healing energy of Riverstone is like a spring flood rushing through a dry and choked riverbed. All the debris and detritus impeding the flow is washed away and new channels are created, allowing the river to flow with new strength and a clear direction. I have found Riverstone to be a useful tool for moving beyond a stagnant state or simply getting out of a rut.

Maybe the most important thing to know about Riverstone is that it must be used with focus. This focus can come from your clear mental intention or by wearing it with another therapeutic gemstone.  

Supercharge Your Meditation and Retreats

Many people enjoy using Riverstone either during or just before meditation. During spiritual practice you focus on the spirituality within you, which is a very strong focus. When you use Riverstone this way, your whole being becomes energized, helping you make the changes that lead to heightened spiritual experiences. Riverstone can also be used to deepen the experience of a meditation retreat.

Accelerate the Effects Other Gemstones

Do you prefer 6-mm necklaces but would like the power of an 8- or 10-mm necklace? Pairing Riverstone with another therapeutic gemstone necklace of any size can intensify and accelerate that gem’s effects and help you move more quickly through the changes that gem initiates.

When Your Focus Is Relationships

One therapeutic gemstone user reported finding a partner shortly after starting to work with Riverstone. Previously this person seemed to be constantly meeting the wrong people. 

Riverstone can support healthy relationships by helping you move past blockages that are obstructing your way to attracting the partner you desire. It’s especially helpful when you know you’re done with a certain limiting situation that keeps lingering. It can help you move through the process of letting go. 

Use Riverstone With Focus

Remember, before putting the Riverstone around your neck, spend three to five minutes strongly focusing on and thinking about your reason for wearing it. This short contemplation period will focus mental energy on the situation you wish to address and focus the Riverstone’s work.

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