Our Secret to Creating Effective Malachite Necklaces

Our Secret to Creating Effective Malachite Necklaces
What’s makes our Malachite different?

For Malachite to be therapeutically effective, it must be of pristine quality—that is, it must meet all quality parameters for color, cut, character, and consistency. At Gemisphere, we hand-select and lovingly prepare every gem in every necklace to ensure that our Malachite necklaces are genuinely therapeutic in quality. 

Here's how we determine therapeutic quality in Malachite. 

First, we ensure that our high-quality Malachite displays crisp, distinct black and green bands of color. These bands form a bull's-eye on opposite sides of each sphere. Spheres with muddy or irregular bands simply cannot produce the soothing waves of energy characteristic of therapeutic Malachite.

In fact, the greater the clarity of the Malachite’s green bands, the greater the gems’ therapeutic effects will be. 

Malachite Necklace

But that’s not where it ends. 

Our process of procuring, grading, drilling, and stringing therapeutic-quality Malachite is intensive and unique. Our secret? We base this process on our knowledge of how Malachite energy works.

Most important, we take extraordinary care to drill and string every Malachite sphere through the center of its bull’s-eye. This practice powerfully facilitates the Malachite’s harmonizing wave motion in the body. If the drill holes faced in random directions, these wave emanations would be erratic and therefore disruptive to the wearer’s energy.

The extra care we take to select and prepare our Malachite necklaces ensures that the gems can fully express their powerful healing energy for you. 

Maximizing our Malachite’s therapeutic effectiveness is our top priority. The fact that it’s beautiful is our joy!  

Want to experience Malachite’s harmonizing benefits for yourself? 
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