Poppy Jasper - Vortex of Love

Poppy Jasper - Vortex of Love

All week at Gemisphere we have been learning how Poppy Jasper is great at getting you motivated and acting as a general energetic support. Some people even use it as a caffeine replacement to give themselves a little extra boost during the day without having to reach for that cup of coffee.

Poppy Jasper’s energy naturally moves in a vortex, which makes it an excellent aid for moving other energies. My favorite feature of this gem is how it can be used to focus vortices of healing energy into your body or out into the Earth. It is a wonderful contemplative tool when you wish to send love from your heart out into the world to be of benefit to all.

It was my pleasure to lead the Gemisphere Team in such a contemplation. We sat together with Poppy Jasper cupped in our hands as I guided us through a short meditation. First we envisioned a vortex of love spinning in our hearts and then in our hands. This love was a gift that each of us offered to a recipient of our choice. I sent mine out to the Earth, which is in much need of healing. You can also move that love into a spot in your body that is in need of healing. We are endless sources of this loving energy, and Poppy Jasper can help us send it where we want it to go.

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