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Article: When Stress is All Around


When Stress is All Around

Written by Eleena Katz

Note from Eleena: When I originally wrote this blog last September, several natural events were causing upheaval around the U.S. and in me. Thankfully, those upheavals have subsided, but the soothing and relaxing energy of Aquamarine is as powerful as ever.

Sometimes life is just stressful. If it’s not one thing causing distress, anxiety, or pain, it’s another. Sound familiar?

Today I am stressed by events that are happening around me that I have no control over. There are massive wildfires within miles from my home. Beautiful forests and hiking trails I grew up playing in are being destroyed at this very moment. With the wildfires so close by, the air is thick with smoke, so even breathing – which is how our life is so beautifully sustained– feels harmful. There is another hurricane heading toward the United States, this time toward Florida, where close family resides. The uncertainty in this country and world is weighing heavily on my heart. All I want to do is take a moment to find peace and relaxation.

We may not have control over what’s happening around us, but we do have control over how we react to these external stressors. Today, this is my mission. I have decided to seek out a way to help mitigate all this stress. I am grateful that in times like this, I can call on the cooling, relaxing energy that is always available to me from therapeutic Aquamarine.

Aquamarine is a powerful gemstone for me. Its energy washes through the body, bringing rejuvenation and fluidity. Sound nice? In fact, there is a technique to focus Aquamarine’s energy specifically on relaxing the body. It seems like today is a good day to steal five to ten minutes and spend some time with my Aquamarine necklace. 

As I find a quiet space to lie down, I realize that sometimes it’s impossible to find a completely quiet space; noise from the world is all around. But I have the power to create a quiet place internally. I close my eyes and try to calm and quiet my racing mind, and I ask my body to prepare for relaxation. I place the Aquamarine necklace in my left palm, following the instructions for the technique. Within seconds I can feel the energy pulsate up my arm and flow throughout my entire body. Every cell in my body breathes in the rejuvenating energy of the Aquamarine, and, as it accepts this flow, I slowly submit to relaxation. I enjoy this feeling for several minutes. 

Next step: I place the Aquamarine necklace on my navel. Through this placement, I feel my body connect to the earth, and rejuvenating energy flows freely throughout my entire body. For a moment I forget about the outside world and all of my stress and anxiety. All that matters is this very moment of relaxation. My eyes are comfortably closed, and within another two minutes I am feeling fully relaxed. 

Slowly I open my eyes to see the world around me. Nothing in my environment has changed. The stressors are still there. Fire still burns, hurricanes are still moving toward land, and the world is still uncertain. But now that I have taken a few moments to take care of myself, to connect with my body and allow rejuvenating energy to support me, I feel as though I can meet the stressors with much more grace. My nervous system has cooled slightly, my body is more fluid, and I can continue my day with an added sense of strength to conquer my world from this new, more relaxed baseline. 

Learn how you, too, can experience this Aquamarine technique when your life is stressful and overwhelming and you want to take some special time just for you. View the Relaxation Technique with Aquamarine.

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