Rescuing Blue Topaz

Rescuing Blue Topaz

Purity and quality are just as important in therapeutic gemstones as they are in any other medicinal tools. In the first of three articles, Gemisphere founder Michael Katz talks about the risks of using low-quality adulterated gems for therapy—and how Gemisphere works to ensure that the gems we provide you are the highest quality, pure, and natural therapy tools.

Rescuing Gemstones from Nuclear Radiation

By Michael Katz

In most cases, beautifying a product for sale is just part of good business. For a great many gemstone dealers, this practice allows them to sell inferior gems for a higher price. The more precious the gem, the greater the temptation to alter low-quality stones to look like their more valuable counterparts. This common practice is misleading but profitable. Unfortunately, when a consumer wants to use the living energy contained in gems for healing and personal growth, this alteration can also be damaging.



Imagine for a moment that a small object was accidentally left in an active nuclear reactor and then brought into your home. How would you feel knowing where this object has been? The reality is that this happens often, and not by accident. For example, when you wear Blue Topaz jewelry purchased from a jeweler, you are likely wearing a gem that has been subjected to high doses of radiation, such as gamma rays or high-energy electron irradiation. Although this process turns the Topaz a deep, alluring blue, the effect on the gem’s powerful yet delicate healing energies is devastating. These positive energies are not only destroyed; the corrupted vibrations of the radiation linger.

Depending on the type of radiation used, irradiated Blue Topaz can contain residual radioactivity. In 2005, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission finally took responsibility for protecting the public from irradiated Blue Topaz. Now all radioactive Blue Topaz must be quarantined in a secure site for months, and in some cases years, until the radiation can decay to the legal limit. Only then can the gems legally be released for cutting and polishing.

Interestingly, the pale sky-blue color of natural Blue Topaz is an essential part of what makes this gem so healing. Its crystalline hue underlies the gem’s ability to transform the water we drink, promote overall healing, and slow the aging process. To ensure that Gemisphere obtains only natural Blue Topaz, we purchase it directly from the mines’ representatives. This precludes any possibility that the gems have been subjected to nuclear radiation. We essentially rescue as many therapeutic quality Blue Topaz crystals as we can, saving these rare and precious gems from energetic destruction.

Sadly, many different kinds of gems are irradiated, mostly without the ultimate wearer’s knowledge. And irradiation is only one of the disruptive treatments commonly used to beautify gemstones. Since 1987 Gemisphere has been seeking out raw, untreated, therapeutic quality gems and preparing them in a way that allows our bodies to best utilize the gems’ healing energies.

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