Staff Favorites

Staff Favorites

Every day this week, a Gemisphere team member will reveal their favorite gem. Check this post daily for new staff favorites!




One of my favorite necklaces to wear is Lavender. When I wear the Lavender I can feel my spirit soar. Making the connection to my soul, I feel more free to express myself as such. I feel a greater sense of balance not only physically but in my mental and emotional bodies as well. I would recommend Lavender for anyone who wishes to gain connection to spirit, and feel more balanced in their lives. Learn more about  Lavender.




Wearing Aquamarine is like relaxing in the shallow water of a river on a beautiful summer day.

I turn to Aquamarine when I want to feel cooled, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

I have even wrapped my Aquamarine necklace around my hand to soothe a burn! It relieved the pain in a way that nothing else did.

Not only is Aquamarine incredibly beautiful, but it is a MUST HAVE for anyone who wants to promote fluidity in their body, deeply relax their mind, and enhance their creativity. One of my all-time favorites. Learn more about Aquamarine.


 Mother of Pearl


Mother of Pearl

I love Mother of Pearl because it is a comforting hug in a necklace. It is my favorite gem to gift and my favorite to travel with because of its protective properties. It is beautiful and functional! Learn more about Mother of Pearl.

Carnelian - staff pick



Carnelian is my go-to gem if I’m feeling rundown or stressed out. As soon as I put it on, its fiery orange energy lifts and revitalizes my mind and body. Learn more about Carnelian

Christopher Love Poppy Jasper | gemstone healing for energy


Poppy Jasper

Poppy Jasper was one of the first gems I was introduced to, and I was immediately drawn to the beautiful rust-like color with flecks of dark and light throughout. I wear Poppy Jasper on days I  know I’m going to need a little more energy, or if I’m feeling particularly sluggish. On those days, the Poppy Jasper is very nearly a coffee replacement. My energy stays at a productive level, without peaks and valleys, and the day often flies by! The uplifting energy I experience from wearing Poppy Jasper is why it is one of my favorites, and why I recommend it to everyone! Learn more about Poppy Jasper.

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Poppy Jasper necklace on woman

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