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Article: The Gemisphere Team Talks Citrine

The Gemisphere Team Talks Citrine

Summertime may be the ideal season for wearing therapeutic Citrine. Its bright yellow solar energy harmonizes with the long sunny days. Summer is also the time for casting off what is heavy and no longer needed and to get moving. By helping you unwind physical and energetic tension and to let go of what no longer serves you, Citrine creates space for new ways of being and moving in the world. It helps you travel lighter in life while encouraging you to open to your full potential.

A truly multidimensional tool, Citrine offers a full host of benefits. The Gemisphere team shares some below:

Hearing the Subtle Sounds of Nature

Wearing Citrine can gradually open the ability to hear the subtle, nonphysical sounds of life around you. Gem Advisor Ryan enjoys the sound of Citrine itself. He can hear it “singing” after he’s cleansed it with a water rinse. He suggests you check out this Citrine technique that enhances the ability to hear subtle sounds.

Digestion and Detox

Citrine supports the health of the stomach and organs of elimination, making it a great adjunct to a detox program. It has helped people balance their digestion and resolve elimination issues, such as constipation. 


Releasing Tension

Many of us carry tension coiled in our spine. Using Citrine in this movement technique helps unwind that tension.

The “Pack Rat” Gem

The Gem Advisors tell the story of a woman who struggled with hoarding, which indicates a block to the yellow ray. Because she couldn’t let go of her old stuff, she had a hard time fitting anything new into her life. When she wore Citrine, at first she was uncomfortable; her teeth actually hurt for a little while. But after a year of working with Citrine, she was able to let go of the junk she had been buried in. She powered through the clean-up as she shed the physical manifestation of her previous block.

The advisors also recommend Citrine as an ally in living a minimalist lifestyle. Its energy can help us get rid of the stuff we don’t actually need and create space for things we love.

What Does a Yellow Ray Deficiency Look Like?

When we get stressed, the yellow ray is the first color ray in our energetic makeup to become depleted. The Gem Advisors explain that when someone is deficient in yellow ray, the person may feel self-protective or timid, easily scared or stressed. They may be prone to tension headaches or neck and shoulder tension. Other indicators of a yellow ray deficiency are ulcers, digestive issues, and the aforementioned hoarding tendency. People deficient in yellow ray may have a hard time letting go of situations and may even become spiteful.

Enter Citrine. By opening the physical and subtle bodies to a greater influx of yellow ray, Citrine can help resolve yellow-ray deficiencies. It can help you become much more fluid and relaxed, to learn to go with the flow. ​

Lighting Up Darker Days

Yellow Sapphire

When summer fades and sunlight starts to wane, cloudy days can bring depression for some. While not as powerful as Yellow Sapphire or the Solar Light necklace for this purpose, Citrine’s bright energy gently supports upliftment during darker times of the year. For seasonal depression, it can act as a “gateway” gem to the support of Yellow Sapphire.

Works Well with Others

Pairing a Citrine necklace with other therapeutic gemstone necklaces can enhance each necklace’s effects and produce beneficial synergies. These are some pairings the Gem Advisors recommend:

Wearing Leopardskin Jasper helps attract what is beneficial as the Citrine helps you let go of what you no longer need.

One of the more profound pairings they’ve seen is Citrine and the Purple Ray necklace. Together they foster spiritual and physical release. You become more empowered to let go of untrue thoughts and self-conceptions and to move with wisdom beyond situations whose usefulness has expired. These untrue concepts may have been put on you by society, religion, parents, or others. By releasing these ideas and habits, you can better recognize and serve your own truth.

Lavender and Citrine combine well for supporting the release of spinal tension and encouraging healthy alignment. 

Mother of Pearl brings a feeling of comfort and protection during the releases sparked by Citrine.

Maddie recommends wearing Agate with Citrine as a supportive pairing for seasonal depression. Agate’s nourishing earthtone color rays help bridge your connection to the Earth and its seasons in gentle way.


A Citrine Length for Everyone

Check out Gemisphere’s Citrine page for a look at our all-natural, untreated, exceptional therapeutic-quality Citrine necklaces. Many short and long lengths are available! 


Citrine is 20% off through Sunday, July 30.

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